Acceptance Book Trailer

Damnit, this is Michelle Proulx’s fault. Yesterday, she was all “book trailers are awesome” over on her blog, and I’m like, “Yeah, but copyright, blah, blah, blah.” Then I just happen to start playing around on Google–just to prove you can’t get the music and images you need to do a book trailer.

Twenty-four hours later, I have a book trailer and yet another program that sucks back hours of my time. (Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker are worse than any video game for me.)

By the way, buy the book TOMORROW!

6 comments on “Acceptance Book Trailer

  1. Wow! I’m impressed. Nicely done, Keri.

  2. Love it! You’re really talented at video editing!

  3. Keri Peardon says:

    Thank you. Windows Movie Maker is dead-simple to use, though. I opened it up and started pressing buttons, and before I knew it, I had something.

    For all your free music needs:

    I am so addicted to this process, now, I’m already thinking ahead to my next book!

  4. Love the trailer, it really draws you into the book. Also it more closely matches my expectations for reading the book (which I can’t wait to do by the way) after reading the preview you put on your site. The cover-art made me think it was set in the past but the prologue made me think it’s set in modern America. The trailer makes me think both aspects are possible! Intrigued..

    • Keri Peardon says:

      I don’t mention the exact year in the book, but it is set in 2009 (which is when I started writing it). I went with the Pre-Raphaelite art for the cover because 1) I really like Pre-Raphaelite art, 2) the figures actually bear a close resemblance to Kalyn and Anselm, 3) I think it evokes some of the emotions that Kayln and Anselm feel, 4) it was out of copyright (big thing there!), 5) I really, really didn’t want a typical dark, sensual (read: cheesy) vampire cover.

      I figured, since I’m dealing with vampires, I have some license to use old paintings (Anne Rice has done it). And there is sometimes conflict between the present and the past:

      They stared at each other across a gulf which seemed much wider than a few yards of poured concrete. Kalyn suddenly realized that, despite his cell phone, SUV, flat-screen TV, and all the other trappings of modern American life, Anselm was still a product of the middle ages—of a time when torture and execution were considered acceptable forms of justice—of a time when people could watch or even participate in such things with impunity.

      • I like your reasons for using the image you have on the front cover. Thank you for explaining it. I like the bit that you have included here and am looking forward to when I can read the whole book (I’m trying to hit an editing deadline at the moment).

        I hear you about copyright – I had to compromise the image on my front cover away from the $80 image I loved to the $10 I could afford! 🙂

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