On Jeopardy!, “Potpourri” is a category of randomness; you never know what you’re going to be asked in Potpourri.

Likewise, when I start potpourring, you never know what you’re going to get. My liberal arts major starts coming out and I may spend time talking about astrophysics, the history of religion, social problems, philosophy… it’s a mixed bag. Kind of like potpourri. Oh, wait….

So, in completely random order, here are some of my favorite posts (and if you want more, try my topics, “Potpourri” and “Personal Challenges“):


The Death of Creativity

How to Do a Proper Amazon Book Review

Copyright Law and the Screwing of American Consumers

5 Steps to Prepare for College

A God-Given Talent

Mental Energy vs. Physical Energy

What to Do When You’re too Creative

The News is Dead

I Want to See More Bromance, Damnit!

Procrastination Special

Getting Crap Done

The Task List

More On Procrastination (Because I Know You’d Rather Read This Than Work)

Procrastination Busted… This Week

Procrastination Update Delivered On Time!

Recapping Week Two of The List

Procrastination Confession

Resume Special

More Resume Blunders

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