The Flames of Prague Book Trailer

I had a really productive Sunday! I made myself cross two things off my to-do list. One, I finished putting The Bloodsuckers on Wattpad (so now Wattpad has all the episodes that my blog has). Two, I finished my trailer for The Flames of Prague!

Like the credits for Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail, I made the trailer for Acceptance at the last minute and at great expense. (Actually, it didn’t cost me anything, but I did make it in less than 24 hours using a program I had never used before.)

Book trailers work best, though, when you make them up a little in advance of your publication, instead of 24 hours before. I’ve been working on The Flames of Prague trailer for a while, but neglected it for several months when I lost access to a computer that had Vista (which has a much better version of Windows Media Player than older Windows versions). But, my husband happened to acquire a laptop with Vista on it a few months ago, so I finally made myself sit down yesterday evening and finish it. And I have to say, I’m pleased.

Acceptance Book Trailer

Damnit, this is Michelle Proulx’s fault. Yesterday, she was all “book trailers are awesome” over on her blog, and I’m like, “Yeah, but copyright, blah, blah, blah.” Then I just happen to start playing around on Google–just to prove you can’t get the music and images you need to do a book trailer.

Twenty-four hours later, I have a book trailer and yet another program that sucks back hours of my time. (Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker are worse than any video game for me.)

By the way, buy the book TOMORROW!