Front-Cover-v3-For-WebI suppose you should take it as a good sign when I fall silent for a week. I’ve been getting some good edits done on Flames of Prague. In fact, I only have four more chapters to edit (and I think I’m going to add one more; it moves a little too fast at the end), plus update my notes/bibliography. (I’m determined to have the most extensive notes section ever found in a historic fiction novel.)

My goal is to finish my edits and format the entire thing for print by the end of June. Then I can have a proof copy printed and get it to my beta readers (i.e. my husband and my friend, Carla). While they’re reading it, I’m going to proofread Acceptance yet again. (I think this will make my eleventh… or maybe it’s thirteenth… time reading it front-to-back for the purposes of editing.) I want to put out a revised edition of it sometime this year, complete with the new cover.

Acceptance Cover (Front only)I’m hoping to have comments back from my beta readers no later than the end of July, giving me August to make adjustments based on comments and September to proofread. October should be for formatting, leaving me publishing it in November, as originally planned. And, if I hadn’t finished it already, I can do the last proof of Acceptance in December and re-release it.

I have a plan!

In the meantime, if you’re still struggling with completing your novel (trust me, it gets easier the more you do it!), have a look at Tear Down the Wall: 6 Tips to Help You Finish Your Novel.

Book Cover for “The Flames of Prague”

Final-Cover-for-WebI started my Flames of Prague cover over again and I finally have it looking the way I want. I may have to do some tweaking after I get the proof copy back–everything depends on how it actually looks in print–and I may alter the back cover blurb (more likely than not, really), but, for the most part, it’s done.

(Click the picture for a larger image. The original file is twice as big as the biggest image you can see, so some things that might seem blurry to you are crisper in the higher resolution file. Also, this image includes the bleed areas; that’s why things might look slightly off-center; they’re actually centered to the trim lines, not to the bleed lines.)

Me at Glad Tydings (by Beth) (Adjusted)A friend of mine took the picture of me this past weekend at an event. I though it was a really good picture of me. I just wish I could get an everyday picture that looked so good for use as my author picture on my non-medieval books. (Maybe I need a photographer who catches me when I’m not looking. I don’t pose well.)

I only lack 2,200 words reaching my minimum word count (70,000), and I expect to hit that today. I’m about 2/3rds of the way through my first round of edits, so I hope to actually bump the word count up to about 80,000 by the time I’m through. Then I afford to go back and cut some words where they’re not necessary.