My Preferred Writing Space

The Art of Manliness has an article on the Libraries, Studies, and Writing Rooms of 15 Famous Men.

While I love the vast libraries (and certainly would love to have a vast library room, if I had a large house to contain it), when it comes to writing, I actually don’t like large spaces. For some reason, when it comes to reading and writing and studying, I prefer a small, intimate area. (Or maybe I like hiding in my introvert cocoon; take your pick.)

The fireplace is the clincher.

Of the Manliness rooms, the most appealing to me for writing was the Sherlock Holmes mock-up. It’s cozy and heavily decorated, while being just shy of too cluttered.

Interestingly, in my Acceptance trilogy, Joshua has a small, one-window office that’s painted a deep red. This contrasts heavily with his corner living room which is open–with lots of windows–and has white walls, carpet, and furniture, with pieces of art providing the only color. (Kalyn thinks it looks like an art museum more than a living room.) The High Council often meets informally in his living room, but his office is private. He doesn’t receive people in his office; there’s not even any seating in it, except for one chair beside his desk, which is intended for his secretary when she’s taking notes for him.

Can you believe this is actually a miniature room, not a real one? I’d like a real version, though, where I could take some tea and biscuits in front of my fire on a cold day.

I never thought about the fact that I was giving Joshua my ideal study!

I also find myself attracted to tiny little houses–like adult-sized playhouses. I could definitely make my office in one of those.


This restored railroad office would be the perfect exterior for my Victorian interior.

My head just exploded from all the cuteness. It’s a bit much for just a writing office, although if you’re in need of guest accommodations, building something like this would probably be cheaper than adding onto your house, and you can fulfill both your office and guest room needs.

Another one-room cottage that would work well with a Victorian interior.

I’m weeping from desire.

I’d be in heaven if I walked across my yard to work in this adult-sized playhouse every day.

What’s your ideal space? Hidden in the woods? Lots of windows with good views? An airy loft? A basement corner?