Teenager Makes Flipping Big Wads of Cash on Her Vampire Novel

Teenager Abigail Gibbs just got a 6-figure book deal for her vampire novel that started off as Twilight fan fic.

Now, I’m not going to hate on Abigail, because if it was me, hell yeah I’d be taking that deal and celebrating (and probably crying from happiness).

But, really?

If you haven’t heard, Fifty Shades of Gray started out as a Twilight fan fic (the completed novel has no vampires in it, though) and it (and its sequels) are currently the best-selling book(s) in the world.

And here I spent all my time and effort making up unique characters and unique vampires–who come complete with 2,500 years of history and mythological origins (you can read all my background information on my website). Instead, I should have been using my time and energy writing about characters that already exist, or putting new characters into an existing fantasy universe.

Urgh. The only thing I see that’s mildly positive is that Abigail’s story started out as a serial novel and it attracted so many readers, it got the attention of an agent. So share The Bloodsuckers with more people! Baby needs a new pair of shoes. (No, really, I do.)