The Bloodsuckers

Okay, I truly and honestly want to get back to writing The Bloodsuckers weekly. I always seem to end up telling myself that I don’t have time to switch gears and write something great for it (perfectionism rearing its ugly head), but part of the experiment with the story is writing for it even when I don’t know what I’m going to write. There’s no plan for it; there’s never been a real plan for it. It’s just evolved organically, and sometimes my best stuff comes out of sitting down and staring at a blank screen without any idea of what to do next, but making something up anyways because I have the pressure of a weekly deadline.

Only, I’ve not had that pressure lately, and without it, I’ve not been making any episodes–good, bad, or boring. How will I ever surpass Varney the Vampire‘s episode count if I don’t keep on it? (Not to mention my blog just isn’t as popular as it used to be when the episodes were flowing regularly.)

So, I’m asking my readers (and my husband, who likes the story a lot, too) to keep my feet to the fire and hold me to my weekly quota of Bloodsuckers.

I normally have to go to work early on Fridays, so I don’t have time that morning to bang out an episode, but I have nearly three hours every other morning of the week to work on it, and that’s time enough, on any given day, to do an episode.

So I’ve decided that Thursday’s going to be a Bloodsuckers day. Thursday has always been my least favorite day of the week–it always feels like it ought to be Friday–so why not make everyone’s Thursday better with a new episode?

So, I’m going to put out a new episode this Thursday and every Thursday henceforth. Whine and guilt-trip me if I don’t.

I’m Still Alive

Work is crazy as I try to finish up all my outstanding projects and teach my attorney how to do all her paperwork and electronic filing. I have a lead on a job with another local attorney, so keep your fingers crossed.

I’m also only 277 words from finishing NaNo. It’s pretty ugly, since my word count is compiled from three partial novels and one partial essay, but I’ve actually made some good progress, especially on the third Acceptance novel (Sacrifice). And I’ve definitely gotten back into the habit of writing without worrying about editing. It’s good to recenter the old inner editor from time to time. Otherwise it can get out of hand.

And I’m completely in love with Scrivener. My grandmother gave me my Christmas money early, so I’m planning on getting the license for it. Last night I uploaded The Bloodsuckers into it. Yes, I’m going to start writing those again! I think Scrivener will help me with that since I have so many files now (29 and counting!) that it’s hard to find information I need. It will also help me organize things like character profiles, etc. It’s hard enough to keep up with everything when you’re writing a novel, but it’s even harder when you only work on said novel once a week.

BTW, when I put all of The Bloodsuckers into Scrivener–including some chapters I haven’t used yet– my word count was exactly 50,000. So it’s a novella and quickly approaching novel-length.

Teenager Makes Flipping Big Wads of Cash on Her Vampire Novel

Teenager Abigail Gibbs just got a 6-figure book deal for her vampire novel that started off as Twilight fan fic.

Now, I’m not going to hate on Abigail, because if it was me, hell yeah I’d be taking that deal and celebrating (and probably crying from happiness).

But, really?

If you haven’t heard, Fifty Shades of Gray started out as a Twilight fan fic (the completed novel has no vampires in it, though) and it (and its sequels) are currently the best-selling book(s) in the world.

And here I spent all my time and effort making up unique characters and unique vampires–who come complete with 2,500 years of history and mythological origins (you can read all my background information on my website). Instead, I should have been using my time and energy writing about characters that already exist, or putting new characters into an existing fantasy universe.

Urgh. The only thing I see that’s mildly positive is that Abigail’s story started out as a serial novel and it attracted so many readers, it got the attention of an agent. So share The Bloodsuckers with more people! Baby needs a new pair of shoes. (No, really, I do.)

New Bloodsuckers Image

I’m working my part time job this Fourth of July–working on my writing. I reformatted Volume One of Vampire Lawyers to comply with Smashwords Premium Distribution Catalog (it’s always been available on Smashwords, but because I didn’t format it to their fairly exacting standards, they didn’t send it to any other distribution channels, such as Amazon or Apple).

I also updated my image, since Smashwords has pretty specific image requirements as well. My original image was just something I quickly threw together in Paint, just so I’d have an image. This morning, though, I took my time in Photoshop sprucing it up a bit, so it looks more professional.

When I started the series, I had no idea what I was doing with it or where it was going. Now that there are 21 episodes, and I’m getting ready to release my second volume, I think it’s time to start treating it more professionally.