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I’ve only had one person use the free coupon to d/l my book. I have 54 blog followers, and I know only 4-5 of those people have a copy of my book. So about 50 people who are here regularly (plus visitors) don’t have a copy.

(I did have an increased number of downloads after I posted the coupon. Make sure you are purchasing a copy using the coupon, not just downloading a free sample. If you don’t use the coupon today, you won’t get the whole book for free.)

It’s FREE today. Get a copy.

Use coupon code LN49C when you check out.

Smashwords has a variety of e-reader formats, including Kindle, Nook, Sony, iPad, iPhone, .pdf, HTML, etc. Read it on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or computer.

Press Release

I actually found a press release template from Duolit and I put together one based on their suggestions. I’ll do a little tweaking for each newspaper I submit it to, but this is basically it. It’s one printed page and can easily be edited to be shorter.

I’m open for comments, because God knows I don’t really know what I’m doing (not that that’s stopped me before!).



Date: 9/18/12

Contact: Keri Peardon, [phone], [e-mail]


Local author releases debut novel

Keri Peardon publishes first novel of fantasy trilogy

Eagleville, TN – Eagleville resident, Keri Peardon, has released her debut novel, Acceptance. It is the first book in an adult urban fantasy trilogy which will be published over the next few years.

“I was laid-off from my job in 2008,” says Peardon. “A year later, I was still unemployed with no job in sight. So I decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month just to have something to do. I surprised myself when I finished the month with a viable book.”

Set in East Tennessee, Acceptance follows 16 year-old Kalyn Reid as she comes of age during a war between two factions of vampires.

Kalyn is born into the Yaechahre, a group of humans who have lived with vampires for more than 100 generations. She is paired with Anselm, a handsome, quiet vampire who will be her mentor for the next year.

Then the “Others” come. The strange new breed of vampire has been a rumor for decades, but they finally show themselves when they attack Kalyn’s group, murdering humans and vampires alike.

Now it’s up to Kalyn, Anselm, and his brother, Micah, to track down the murderer before he kills again. Little do they know, he is hunting them in return, and the final showdown will be to the death.

Ms. Peardon chose to self-publish her book after a year of rejection letters from agents. “It’s very hard to get an agent, much less a publisher. But self-publishing is really gaining traction because authors can make more money and have more control. But it’s a lot of work. I designed my own cover and did all of my own editing, proofreading, and formatting.”

Acceptance is available in paperback on It’s also available for the Kindle on and for all other e-book formats on

More information on the book can be found on the author’s website, You can also follow her blog at

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“Acceptance” sales Update

Here it is, the news everyone is waiting for: a sales update! It’s been nearly two weeks. How many books have I sold (and have I made my first million yet)?

I’ve “sold” 8 on Smashwords (all of those are from where I accidentally had the setting on “reader sets their own price,” which, incidentally, was free in every case), and I actually got paid for 3 e-books and 1 print copy on Amazon.

That comes to a whopping 12 copies and $11.57. But that means, after publishing my first novella, The Last Golden Dragon, in February, I will finally have enough money in my Amazon account to qualify for a payout (there’s a $10 minimum). Woot! If sales continue like this, I can expect about $20 by the end of the month, or enough to pay for dinner at the local Mexican restaurant (and if we opt for the cheap chicken enchiladas, we can even afford to share a fried ice cream for that $20! Double woot!).

Acceptance  is not in B&N online and other stores yet because Smashwords requires some formatting changes (note: Smashwords always requires formatting changes; getting your book vetted the first time is like getting a score of 10 at the Olympics–theoretically possible, but almost never seen). I had a sale of The Widow from B&N and have had a lot of downloads of The Bloodsuckers from there, too, so I really need to buckle down and do my corrections this weekend so I can get Acceptance selling there.

If I disregard the 8 free copies, and figure I can actually sell 4 copies of my book every two weeks, that’s 8 per month or 48 in a six month period.

Which sounds horribly depressing, but actually seems quite in line with a debut, self-published novel. Indie author Rachel Higginson said in an interview that she only sold 50 copies of her first book in 6 months. A year later, she is now selling thousands of copies every month. (One of the keys to her success has been releasing her second book and then offering the first one for free to get people hooked.)

I also need to get off my ass this weekend (well, um, actually, I need to sit on it) and write some newspaper releases. There is a small monthly paper in my town and a semi-weekly paper in the little city where I work. I should be able to get a release in both of them.

Fried ice cream, here I come!

Edited to Add: I found this statistic on Catherine Caffeinated’s blog: “80% of books published (not just self-published, but published period) in the U.S. sell less than 100 copies.”

So there’s a goal to reach for: sell more than 100 copies. Being in the top 20% of authors sounds successful to me (even if 100 copies won’t exactly pay for my vacation home on the west coast of Ireland).

New Kindles

Steve Umstead has a brief blog post about the new Kindles coming out this year.

He predicts that there will be a lot of e-book buying at Amazon this Christmas and just post-holidays. If you were thinking about self-publishing on Amazon this year (and can get it done without rushing the quality), then it would probably be a good idea to do it before the holidays (Hanukkah is Dec. 8-15, Christmas the 25th; most gift cards are redeemed between Christmas and New Year’s).

Acceptance Now Available

My book is now available for purchase

Smashwords (e-book only, all possible formats, including Kindle)

Friends and Family Discount: From August 31 to September 1, use coupon code AS46F at Smashwords to get 50% off. (Feel free to share this coupon on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Amazon (Kindle only)

CreateSpace (print only)

(The print copy of my book will also be on sale on Amazon, but it can take 5-7 business days for it to appear; look for it the end of next week.)

Acceptance Book Trailer

Damnit, this is Michelle Proulx’s fault. Yesterday, she was all “book trailers are awesome” over on her blog, and I’m like, “Yeah, but copyright, blah, blah, blah.” Then I just happen to start playing around on Google–just to prove you can’t get the music and images you need to do a book trailer.

Twenty-four hours later, I have a book trailer and yet another program that sucks back hours of my time. (Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker are worse than any video game for me.)

By the way, buy the book TOMORROW!

Pinterest for Writers

I have recently started to use Pinterest after reading a brief e-book about using it to help promote your business. It’s especially good if you make a product, but it can still be useful for others–including writers.

I started out by adding pictures of writers’ retreats, offices, and bookcases of awesomeness. I highlighted a few of my favorite pics in a post, but it’s easier to put all of them on Pinterest. Now I can keep all of them in one spot for inspiration, plus easily share them with others.

(BTW, if you find yourself sucked into using Pinterest (as I’ve been!), do a Google search for “Pinterest browser add ons.” I added one to Firefox and now I just right-click on a pic and send it to the board of my choice. Much faster and easier than going into Pinterest and copying and pasting the URL.)


Joel Comm points out that it’s also a great way to organize research. What did I do with that map of Prague? I  have no idea. Did I save a link somewhere? No idea. Now, no more of that: pin that bad boy to a board just for my Flames of Prague novel. Much easier than copying and pasting pictures into a Word document (which is what I was doing for some of my stuff!).


I was just looking at old book covers from the 40’s and 50’s and getting inspired to write a story to fit such a cover. I can pin those pictures to a board to serve as a starting point for that idea.

Have trouble coming up with character descriptions? Whenever you run across a picture of a real person that interests you, pin it. It’s a lot easier to describe someone while you’re looking at them rather than making them up in your head. Likewise with buildings and landscapes.

Ideas and Creative Collaboration

When it comes to creating a book cover, I compile a number of pictures before I decide which one I want. Again, Pinterest becomes the place where I can do that because it’s accessible from everywhere. (I can also take comments from my readers on which picture(s) they like better). And I can pin book covers by other authors that I might want to emulate (i.e. Photoshop inspiration).

Fan Fun

If I was anything like an artist (alas, drawing is not my forte… as you might have guessed by my stick-figure drawings), I could put up drawings of all of my characters from Acceptance. But, barring that, I can pin up fan art (um… when I have some).

I can also pin pictures which might be of interest to my fans, such as pictures from the cities where my characters travel, real-life buildings that served as the inspiration for the fictional buildings, area maps, etc. For my historical novels, I can also share tidbits of history that relate to the time and place where the book is set.