New Flames Proof is Here!

I just got the proof copy of my book in the mail! (Ordered it on July 26, so 9 days to print and deliver.)

Initial impressions: CreateSpace warned me that part of my cover picture was less than 200 DPI and that can cause it to be a little blurry. I think it’s the painting part (the two figures). Not sure if it bothers me enough, though, to try and find a higher resolution image (if one even exists) and go through the background erasing part again.
Cover (New)
Secondly, I think I need a little more blank space around the edges of the back cover. (It looks like plenty in this image, but this image contains bleed. The cutting lines actually trim off about half the blank space around the back edges.)

Thirdly, I opted for cream-colored pages this time and I already like them much better! White is very stark–almost glaring. If you look at the vast majority of novels (and most other non-picture books), the pages are cream, not white. It’s definitely easier on the eyes and I recommend it.

One major problem I have right now is that I can’t get in contact with the guy who owns the rights to the pseudo-Hebrew script that I use on the cover and inside the book. I’ve contacted him via email twice and using a form on his website, but have gotten no response. I noticed that he hasn’t updated his website in a few years, so it’s likely that he’s given up his hobby making scripts. But I was still hoping I could buy a license from him for this one. If I don’t hear from him soon, I’ll have to switch to a different font. I’ve found a few options (although I don’t like any of them quite as well as I like the Sefer AH).



This Jerusalem font and is probably the closest thing to the one I have. The drawback is that it’s only free for personal use, so I could run into the same problem of I can’t get in contact with the owner to buy a license.


This is the next closest font. It’s blockier, though, and I think it looks more like a fun-novelty font. And this is a romance book where lots of people die in horrible ways. (What, you expected me to not kill off a bunch of people in one of my books?) I just fear this is a little too cutesy for the subject matter. But, on the plus side, it’s free for commercial use, so I don’t have to buy a license at all.

MyFonts Option


Then we have this one, Faux Hebrew. I think I like it better than the previous one. It’s $24.00 for a license, which makes it twice as expensive as the one I’ve been trying to buy.




Then there’s this one. It’s the least Hebrew-like font, but it has a certain flame-ness to it. It is also free for commercial use.

Shameless Self Promotion

Regular Vampires, Ladies, & Potpourri reader and fellow author, Michelle Proulx, has reviewed my book, Acceptance, on her blog.  It’s vera nice!

(Hey, Michelle, when is your book coming out? It sounds fun and quirky–the sort of thing I like.)

If you’ve read my book, or are getting ready to finish it, I’d really appreciate reviews on your blog, Amazon, and/or Smashwords. Reviews on Smashwords and Amazon help people who are on the fence decide if they want to buy it. And reviewing it on your blog, Facebook page, etc. helps spread the word (word-of-mouth is how the majority of book sales are generated, whether you’re self-published or traditional).

And if you don’t have a copy, and Michelle’s review has piqued your curiosity, you can download the e-book at Smashwords (all formats available). You can also get one for your Kindle at Amazon, or you can order a print copy.

Even if you’re still not sure, d/l a free sample from Smashwords and try it out.

And if you’re finished with Acceptance, but find yourself craving more, check out my website. I have character biographies, background information, and short stories related to the series.

If you want to follow me on Facebook, I’ve been doing short critiques of book descriptions every day–handy if you’re looking at self-publishing. On Twitter I share horrible or unintentionally funny lines from book descriptions (entertaining more than educational), although I do sometimes point out good descriptions and interesting-sounding books.

Oh, and if you’re a blogger, I’ll do interviews/guest posts about… well, about damn near anything. I’m a little rusty on my quantum physics, but I’ll take a stab at it if that’s what you want for your blog post (not really. I was a history major; stick to liberal arts questions).

Now that I’ve used up my lifetime’s allotment of the word “if,” I’m off to do some work for someone other than myself.