Distribution of “The Bloodsuckers” on Smashwords

I mentioned yesterday that I’m no longer getting premium distribution on Smashwords for my Bloodsuckers volumes. It wasn’t until I looked at my Smashwords dashboard today that I realized how big a hit that is.

My first two volumes had premium distribution. So far, they’ve had a total of 475 and 406 downloads, respectively.

My third volume never had premium distribution. It’s only had 133 downloads.

That’s a big difference!

Of course, with this being a free serial novel, it’s not like I’m worried about a big hit in my sales; my novels and stories for sale all have premium distribution. But, still, I’m being seen by 2/3rds fewer people, and, again, I’m writing for free in order to build an audience.

The great migration to Wattpad continues. (I am also in the process of adding some preview chapters of Acceptance.)


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