Happy Hanukkah, Part II

cat-yarmulkeWe put flea collars on our cats last night. Oh. Dear. God. You would have thought we were trying to kill them. The only thing worse are flea drops, which are clearly acid. Although other types of medicine are just as bad. My husband put some cortisone cream on one of the cats and she ran away from him for two days.

I can’t imagine tying a yarmulke onto a cat.

0198d948fcf8f56af24b83130d0d41e2e015781c-thumbAnyways, happy third night of Hanukkah. I have another gift. From now through December 16, you can get a free copy of my contemporary romance novella, The Widow, at Smashwords. Just use coupon code DE78M. (This is a sweet romance–no sex–so it’s safe for grandma.)

Free Copy of My Book

I’ve only had one person use the free coupon to d/l my book. I have 54 blog followers, and I know only 4-5 of those people have a copy of my book. So about 50 people who are here regularly (plus visitors) don’t have a copy.

(I did have an increased number of downloads after I posted the coupon. Make sure you are purchasing a copy using the coupon, not just downloading a free sample. If you don’t use the coupon today, you won’t get the whole book for free.)

It’s FREE today. Get a copy.

Use coupon code LN49C when you check out.

Smashwords has a variety of e-reader formats, including Kindle, Nook, Sony, iPad, iPhone, .pdf, HTML, etc. Read it on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or computer.

Coupon for Free Copy of “Acceptance”

Tonight is the first night of Rosh Hashanah, and, as it’s traditional to give gifts, I thought I would offer my book for free.

Just use coupon code LN49C at Smashwords to get your free copy.

This coupon is only good through Tuesday, September 18, so hurry to get your copy.

And please feel free to share this coupon on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Edited to Add: I just uploaded a new edition of my book to Smashwords. The only change was in the formatting, so hopefully it will take care of the Table of Contents error in the .epub format.

The (hopefully) corrected edition will have “Second Smashwords Edition / September 2012” on the title page.

If you have an earlier copy and the messed up TOC bothers you, you can download the new edition for free from the link above.