Tools for Writers

I have two nifty things to share with you today.

First, Buffer. I learned about this from Catherine Caffeinated.

You can link all of your Twitter, Facebook (personal and fan page), LinkedIn, and accounts to Buffer. Then you write a message on Buffer and tell it where you want it to send the message (just to Twitter, just to your Facebook fan page, or to all of your linked accounts).

(For the record, if you’re tweeting, it will keep up with your character count.)

This is great if you post the same message across multiple platforms; it’s one-stop messaging. But that’s not the best part. The best part is that you can write up to 10 messages and store them in Buffer (that’s 10 per each linked account). Buffer will then automatically send out your messages on the schedule that you set.

Do you grasp the enormity of that yet? You can write an entire day’s worth of tweets and Facebook posts at one time and then let Buffer send them out at regular intervals. (Or, if you only want to post an account once a day, then you can write up to 10 days’ worth at a time.)

This not only helps you get more regular about posting to social media, but it also saves you time–because we all know every time we get on the internet, we lose at least an hour. Now, get on the internet once and take care of all of your social media posts at the same time.

For $10 a month, you will have unlimited Buffer messages, which means you could compose a week or a month’s worth of posts at one time. Might be worth the money if you dread doing your social media posts because you get sucked into the internet and lose loads of valuable writing time.

Also, they have an app that you can add to your browser that makes it easy to share links. If I read a page that I like, I can hit the Buffer button and it will pop up a screen asking me what accounts I want to post the link on, and it will allow me to add a message to it. (It also shortens the link so you don’t use up so many Twitter characters.) I can then add it to my existing Buffer queue or post it immediately. And like your Netflix queue, you can change the order of pending posts–moving them up or down. You can also edit any still in the queue.

Buffer is not just for writers; anyone who uses social media for their business can make use of it.

Edited to Add: If you click through the Buffer link above and sign up, it will count as a referral, and both you and I will receive an extra message slot on Buffer.

The next product, Masterwriter, is only for writers, poets, and songwriters. People, put on your bibs and prepare to drool!

Take the Tour

I can’t tell you how many times I have needed these features while writing my book. I’m often frustrated because Word’s thesaurus doesn’t contain all the words I think are synonyms (what MasterWriter terms “extended” words; not actually synonyms, but frequently used in lieu of the search word).

And there have been a lot of times when a word is on the tip of my tongue and I know what letter it starts with, but can’t come up with it. Or I have a phrase in mind, but am not sure I’m using it/spelling it correctly (ex: a lot of people mistake “for all intents and purposes” for “intense purposes”).

I do occasionally wax poetic, which makes the rhyming feature very handy. And I could make really good use of the Bible search feature because sometimes I want a character to quote something relevant.

Masterwriter is $9.95 for a monthly subscription, $99 for a yearly subscription (both of these include all updates) or $199 to buy it outright (no updates).

Yeah, this is going on my wishlist. At the very top.