In Defense of a 99-Cent Story

Okay, I’ll admit I’m priming you all for the release of my first self-published short story. But there’s a legitimate argument here too.

I’ll admit to being pretty damn cheap when it comes to buying books. I love books and have them by the hundreds (both in paper and electronic form). Of course, when you have that kind of book fetish, you better be cheap, else you’ll book yourself into poverty.

So when I see a 99-cent short story or novella on Amazon, I think, “Eh, that seems kind of expensive.” (I’m not the only one who does this; Lindsay Buroker says she felt that 99-cents was too much money for a short piece of fiction.)

Then it dawned on me: when I’m at The Dollar Tree, how often do I toss something into my basket because it’s only a dollar? Why does it feel like I’m buying a bargain there, but it feels expensive when I buy a story?

If you like sweet romances, fairy tales, or anything involving dragons, I guarantee my soon-to-be-released short story, The Last Golden Dragon, will be as pleasurable to you as a box of dollar store Raisinets, and will probably last just as long.