Redo My Cover?

acceptance front coverYou know how I said I didn’t want a dark, sultry, or “vampirish” cover for my book? Yeah, well, I’m thinking I might change my cover up, just to see if I can generate more sales. While I like the cover I have, maybe a different cover would be more attractive to others.

So, here’s a possible new cover. Does it seem a bit more vampiric, romantic, and/or dark (as in theme, not in coloration).

I also rewrote the back cover blurb a little bit. What do you think? I think it’s not quite suspenseful enough; there’s a lot of action in my first book. But it doesn’t sound quite as juvenile. Despite the fact that my protagonist is a teenager, I’ve never held this series up as teen/young adult book. (I like the emerging New Adult genre, which aims for an audience 16-25 years old.)Acceptance-Alternate-Cover