Happy Mardi Gras

It’s that time of year again:
Debauch for a day and repent for 40.

I’m a woman, and even I can appreciate this woman’s ass as a thing of beauty.

I love the bright colors of Carnival. Not to mention the feathers and the glitter. I love bling.

And a word of warning: these women can kick your ass. They are shaking their money makers for hours while wearing high heels and carrying around at least 40 pounds of costume. There’s a reason why they’re thin and have nice asses.


Happy Fat Tuesday

Today is for sinning; you have 40 days to repent.

And if New Orleans is too tame for you, there’s always Brazil.

I have just come to the conclusion, the reason why we don’t have samba/Carnival queens in New Orleans (and I don’t mean men in drag) is America would be hard-pressed to find enough shapely women to fill the role. We seem to run to opposites–too overweight or too thin. None of the Brazilian women I’ve looked at has any ribs showing (common in models and actresses these days), and none have any fat. It’s no wonder they walk around mostly or completely naked (paint is clothing, right?): they are a form of art in their own right.


Yes, that's paint and some strategically placed sequins.