It’s a Blog Post about Nothing!

So, how did my weekend go?

I did no work on my fanfic and no work on the hubby’s Viking outfit. I did, however, (at the last minute and at great expense) put together my group’s newsletter (a needful thing, since it was due Monday) and I built the most awesome medieval house for my Sims ever!

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Now, you might legitimately ask, “How does building the most awesome medieval house ever further this month’s goals of making a Viking outfit and completing your fanfic?”

It doesn’t.

Of course, I could make the argument that I’ve been really busy lately and wasn’t recovered from last weekend’s demonstration and campout, and therefore I needed to sit on my ass and do mind-numbing tasks like scour The Sims Resource for blacksmith tools (found an anvil and hammer, but no forge) and laundry room supplies (found the mother-load!).

But that would sound like an excuse.

I could also make the argument that the Sims can actually be a great tool for writers because it allows you to design houses and other buildings that only exist in your head. Houses contained solely in the head are often vague and incorrectly proportioned; putting them “on paper” (if you will) allows you to correct design flaws and have an actual model to work from; your descriptions will be richer.

But the house I built doesn’t exist in any of my novels.

So, yeah, I totally goofed-off this weekend. And I don’t feel the least bit remorseful; it felt good to do a lot of nothing after doing a lot of everything; I wish I could have one more day of doing nothing. It was the ultimate in introvert recharging. Hopefully it will now give me the boost I need to knuckle down on my sewing and writing projects.

Speaking of which, I wasn’t totally unproductive on the writing front since my last post; Friday, during my lunch hour, I made a new…

Wait for it…

…Bloodsuckers episode!

Are you ready for the catch? (You know there’s a catch; if I had an episode ready, I would have posted it instead of this.)

It’s out of sequence. As is typical with me, I’ve written a scene in advance. I still have to go back and reread the series (because I’ve forgotten parts of it) and pick it back up with Scott meeting Josie’s parents for the first time at Hanukkah. The main reason why I stopped working on the story when I did was because I have no idea how to roll with that scene. It’s obviously going to be ugly, but it needs to be so ugly it’s good. I have high expectations, since I feel that the Halloween episode was the best one of the entire series; Scott meeting Josie’s parents should be no less great.

In other words, I’m paralyzed by my own sense of perfection.

But, if I can ever get over that hump, I’ll be good for a little while, because I’ve actually got several future episodes lined up and waiting in the wings.

With my fanfic hopefully off the table by the end of the month, we shall have to see if we can’t make December’s goal resurrecting The Bloodsuckers.

(You know, for a hare-brained idea born out of a concept for a sitcom based on the crazy stuff that happened in the law office where I worked, I’m really surprised at how well-received the series has been. People that I would have never expected to like something like that—like my mother and vampire-hating friend, Carla—frequently badger me for new episodes. People I barely know will randomly say, “I read your Bloodsuckers; when are you going to write more?”

People just like the idea of a real, blood-sucking lawyer. Or maybe they like the idea of a good guy who has been down on his luck, but is trying to make the best of life. Scott is a vampire, but he’s also an everyman.)

Oh, and because I know you’re reading this, Michelle, I did re-read Imminent Danger this weekend (between anvil and laundry basket downloads). All I can say is the next book better involve a trip to Rakor and I think a baby at some point would not be remiss, either. What better way to make Eris and Varrin even more hunted than if she was carrying the ultimate in royal bloodline corruption? Just sayin’.

(And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should check out Michelle Proulx’s book, Imminent Danger and How to Fly Straight Into It. It’s a fun, romantic science-fiction romp. Michelle’s really great at imagining (and describing) aliens and I’m envious of her ability to create a believable anti-hero.)

Distribution of “The Bloodsuckers” on Smashwords

I mentioned yesterday that I’m no longer getting premium distribution on Smashwords for my Bloodsuckers volumes. It wasn’t until I looked at my Smashwords dashboard today that I realized how big a hit that is.

My first two volumes had premium distribution. So far, they’ve had a total of 475 and 406 downloads, respectively.

My third volume never had premium distribution. It’s only had 133 downloads.

That’s a big difference!

Of course, with this being a free serial novel, it’s not like I’m worried about a big hit in my sales; my novels and stories for sale all have premium distribution. But, still, I’m being seen by 2/3rds fewer people, and, again, I’m writing for free in order to build an audience.

The great migration to Wattpad continues. (I am also in the process of adding some preview chapters of Acceptance.)


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Plans for “The Bloodsuckers”

My husband nagged me for a new Bloodsuckers episode the other night at dinner, and we got off on a deep conversation about where the series is and where it’s going, and here’s what came of it:

  1. I got inspired to write some more episodes. (A new one was published yesterday.)
  2. I’m going to bring my husband in as a co-writer around Episode 50.

My husband has said for quite a while that he’d like to write a vampire hunter to take on some of my vampires. I mentioned that I had plans to introduce a villain into the series, as soon as I get a few more things worked out between Scott and Josie.

This lead to the idea that my husband will begin writing a completely new character who will become Scott’s archenemy. My husband and I will take turns writing episodes, neither of us knowing how the other will respond (just the way two people interact in the real world). When our characters overlap in a scene, I’ll probably do most of the background writing, but we’ll write the dialog one line at a time, swapping back and forth.

I have no idea how it will turn out, but that’s been my refrain since I started writing this series. It’s all one big experiment with no end in sight.

Volume 3

I also got off my ass (well, metaphorically speaking; I actually had to sit down to do it) and formatted Episodes 21-30 and published them on Smashwords as Volume 3.

I also updated Volumes 1 and 2 to add previews for my other published words (meaning you don’t have to update the copies you already have; nothing major was changed). I have had 392 downloads of Volume 1 and 319 of Volume 2. I nearly doubled the number of downloads of Volume 1 when I published Volume 2.

Which means that I will get a lot of new readers of 1 and 2 now that 3 is also out. And I want everyone to see that I write more stuff. I need to sell more books, and the purpose of writing a free serial novel in the first place was for publicity.