Publishing Print Versus Digital Books

Believe it or not, I’m actually working on my book this weekend! I’m very close to having it done, if I will just grind through the tedious formatting parts.

But the grind has left me wondering if it’s worth the effort of doing both a print version and an ebook.

Pros for Print

  • I like reading a copy in print for editing purposes.
  • There are people who don’t have an ereader or tablet and/or who prefer to read a print copy. (Heck, even I like the feel of a book in my hand.)
  • It looks really impressive when you show it off. Here’s my name in print!
  • You can (theoretically) get some copies put into local bookstores.
  • Is it possible that having a print copy available makes your work look more legitimate? People who are lazy about writing probably don’t go to the trouble of doing up a professional-looking print book.


  • I could print a copy of my book from Word or Scrivener, on regular paper, and it would actually be easier to edit (especially if I do double-spacing).
  • Formatting a print copy takes two or three times as long as it does for the ebook.
  • Making a full cover for the print version takes two or three times as long as it does to make a front cover only for the ebook.
  • So far, I have sold almost no copies of my print book; I think the only people who buy it are my family members and a handful of others.
  • I make about half the profit on the print copy as I do on the ebook, even though the print copy is more than twice the amount of work.
  • If I want to issue a second edition (which I do want to do for Acceptance), I have to make edits separately to the ebook file and the print file, which means, again, twice as much work.
  • I don’t actually sell any of my print copies in local bookstores.

So, from a purely economic standpoint, it doesn’t make sense to continue to release print copies. And now that I have a full time job (with no down time), I have less time to write, edit, and publish. So the more time I spend on formatting, the less time I spend actually creating something new, the longer it takes to get my stuff on the market, etc.

So, unless I see some decent sales with the print copies of The Flames of Prague, I think, going forward, that I’m only going to release in ebook.

For those of you who are also writers, how do you feel print copies stack up versus your ebooks, or have you already made the switch to ebooks only?

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