Almost Done . . .

final-cover-v3-for-ebookI finally got off my ass and uploaded The Flames of Prague and its cover to CreateSpace. Now I have to wait for their review. If they don’t see any obvious issues (like page numbering or margin issues–both of which I had to wrestle with before I submitted it), then I can order a proof copy.

Fingers crossed that the proof copy will look good. I’ve already had one that was almost perfect, so there wasn’t a lot of tweaking that was needed. If it looks good, the paper copy will go on sale immediately. Meanwhile, I’m going to start the process of stripping all the formatting out to turn it into an ebook.

I hope to have all formats published by next month.

3 comments on “Almost Done . . .

    • Keri Peardon says:

      Thanks! I about came to blows with MSWord over my headers and page numbers the other day (it kept deleting random ones), but I think I have them all straightened out. My proof copy is in the mail and should be here any day now. If the cover looks good and all my headers and footers are in place, then I’ll publish it. I just need to make myself sit down and do all the formatting to for ebook.

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