Hipster Typewriter?

hemingwriteI saw this on the internet the other day: an electronic typewriter. Apparently this has the potential to be a thing. Basically, it’s a digital typewriter (reminds me of the one I had in middle school, although it only had a 4 line display, it saved to a floppy disk, and you could actually type on paper with it). The idea is that you sit down to write without the distractions of the internet. It also doesn’t do copy and paste and you can only backspace; you can’t highlight a bunch of text and then delete it, so it helps quell the inner editor and induces a sort of stream of consciousness. It only goes between three documents, so it can help if you have a tendency to jump around between too many projects (me!).

Watch the demo video on Kickstarter.

So, would you use one?

I’m not sure about me. I’ve thought it would be nice to one day travel and write while I do it, but I hate laptop keyboards because I touch-type and that doesn’t work very well on a laptop; it makes me slow and makes my hands cramp after just a short period of time. The Hemingwrite has a full-sized keyboard and normal (as opposed to flat) keys. But, at the same time, I don’t write linearly, so the inability to jump around and write things out of order would be a big drawback.

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