5 comments on “Word Crimes

  1. threenorns3 says:

    you don’t need to hear the original – it’s skeevy. this song is absolute perfection and i think i will drive around all day today blasting it in my car!

    • Keri Peardon says:

      Yes, I heard about the original son, “Blurred Lines,” which made me not want to listen to it on principal.

      I haven’t have a Weird Al album in years (when I got “Amish Paradise” on tape–still my all-time favorite song!), but I might just have to splurge and get this one. He also released the parody of “Happy” called “Tacky” that’s pretty funny–with lines about taking all the mints at the restaurant because they’re “free” and taking selfies at a funeral with the corpse.

  2. First of all, love this song. Second of all, when’s the next Acceptance book coming out? I NEED to read it!!!

    • Keri Peardon says:

      Oy, I’m so behind! I like my new job and I like living the middle class lifestyle again, but there’s no slow time when I can work on my stuff. And between moving and selling our house, that ate up all my weekends for nearly 10 months.

      But my goals for next year are to publish my historical romance novel (now in the proofing stage) and to release a new edition of “Acceptance” with a new cover and some proofing corrections.

      Then it will be on to book two, which is still in the major revision stage.

      Speaking of sequels, when do I get to read yours???

      • Hahaha nicely done, turning the tables back on me 😀 Well, I’m glad that things are starting to calm down for you (hopefully? lol), and I promise I won’t bug you too much about the sequel 🙂 My own sequel is going slowly, but I’m coming up on a three-week vacation, so I’m hoping to get the next draft done during that. I’m aiming for an end of 2014, early 2015 release … but that will depend on beta readers and feedback and whatnot.

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