14th Century Transitional Cardboard Plate Armor – The Evidence

Okay, as promised, I have pictures of my cardboard armor!


Brass-trimmed arms.

I probably ought to be ashamed, but to the contrary, I’m rather proud of myself. I didn’t win my fight (making cardboard swords in a perfectly authentic manner actually makes them rather weak at the grip), but I did win “best dressed.” My prize? A roll of gold duct tape. I’m thinking I need to add gold trimming to my next harness.

combat-bascinet-with-side-pivotsSo, in other words, the entire thing was silly, but fun. And the spectators all got a good laugh.

But, despite the silliness of the thing, I took my armor seriously. My bascinet was a replica of 14th century klappvisor bascinets with an attached aventail. It was even padded inside.

And my body armor was based on a Wisby Type I coat of plates, which was also 14th century.


I modeled my coat of plates on this one.


I had to use duct tape on the inside of my chest pieces to keep them held in a curved shape. Needless to say, as a woman, I needed more curving than is typical.

Eleanora has already declared that next year we’re going to make hobby horses and do jousting, mounted combat, and equine sports (like tilting the quintain.


This looks like a great hobby horse to me. I wonder where I can get one.

Since my armor survived the fight fully-intact, I’m going to keep it and add arms and legs next year. I haven’t quite decided how I’m going to put barding on my hobby horse, but it’s going to have a chamfron, for sure.


Hobby horses and mock-jousting is totally period.


Cow jousting with basket armor. Yes, this is from a real medieval book (now, whether they did this in period is questionable… although I’d bet some money they did; they did some crazy stuff back then before there were insurance companies and personal injury lawsuits).


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