Playing Catch Up

It’s been a crazy few weeks. First, there was the no good, rotten, awful week in which both cars broke down on me and I got sick. Then, after my proof copy was rejected by CreateSpace for having ONE page number off (I was about to cry; I just wanted a copy for my beta readers to read; I still have a lot more changes to make to the text), I had to spend about an hour trying to find that ONE skipped page number and I had to wrestle with MS Word to get it to renumber that section correctly.

Lesson learned: never put unnumbered pages in your book unless someone else is doing the formatting.

But, anyways, we got both of the cars fixed… sort of (you have to jiggle the key in the ignition of my car before it will turn, and now it’s having some sort of electrical problem with the door locks), and I’m no longer sick, and I managed to get a proof copy of my book from CreateSpace (once they approved it, I ordered a copy Monday afternoon and had it in the mailbox Thursday!).

I also used the past week to do some housecleaning. While I still desperately need to mop and vacuum, I did get a lot of junk picked up, so it looks better. I’ve also been trying to exercise daily. So, a lot of stuff to keep me busy and away from the computer.

I have come to the conclusion that I have way too many uncompleted projects lying around, so I’m going to start making a concerted effort to finish things up. I’m a creative type, so there will always be something unfinished (having nothing to work on is like having read every book on my bookcase: a scary prospect, as if it will spell the end of mankind; time and life only continues because I have at least one more thing to read and one more project to finish), but the number of uncompleted projects in my life definitely needs to be smaller.

The FlyLady has “Anti-Procrastination Wednesdays;” it’s the day she sets aside for doing all those little things you’ve been putting off: returning books to the library, changing the light bulb on the front porch, making appointments, writing letters or thank you cards… that sort of thing.

Since my procrastination takes the form of large creative projects, I need Anti-Procrastination weeks.

Last week I worked on the mending and got everything but one thing done. This week, I need to sit down and finally finish an illumination I’ve been working on for months (then I can show it off!).

And, on a totally unrelated note, things are going to get mighty interesting on The Bloodsuckers, beginning this week, so if you’re behind, get caught up, and don’t miss this Thursday’s installment. It’s going to be a bombshell!



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