The Bloodsuckers

Okay, I truly and honestly want to get back to writing The Bloodsuckers weekly. I always seem to end up telling myself that I don’t have time to switch gears and write something great for it (perfectionism rearing its ugly head), but part of the experiment with the story is writing for it even when I don’t know what I’m going to write. There’s no plan for it; there’s never been a real plan for it. It’s just evolved organically, and sometimes my best stuff comes out of sitting down and staring at a blank screen without any idea of what to do next, but making something up anyways because I have the pressure of a weekly deadline.

Only, I’ve not had that pressure lately, and without it, I’ve not been making any episodes–good, bad, or boring. How will I ever surpass Varney the Vampire‘s episode count if I don’t keep on it? (Not to mention my blog just isn’t as popular as it used to be when the episodes were flowing regularly.)

So, I’m asking my readers (and my husband, who likes the story a lot, too) to keep my feet to the fire and hold me to my weekly quota of Bloodsuckers.

I normally have to go to work early on Fridays, so I don’t have time that morning to bang out an episode, but I have nearly three hours every other morning of the week to work on it, and that’s time enough, on any given day, to do an episode.

So I’ve decided that Thursday’s going to be a Bloodsuckers day. Thursday has always been my least favorite day of the week–it always feels like it ought to be Friday–so why not make everyone’s Thursday better with a new episode?

So, I’m going to put out a new episode this Thursday and every Thursday henceforth. Whine and guilt-trip me if I don’t.

5 comments on “The Bloodsuckers

  1. Bloodsuckers was the inspiration for my daily novel-by-installments challenge for 2013 (not the content, as mine is chicklit, but the idea of serial fiction to bring blog visitors)
    I understand that ‘what on earth am I going to write today’ feeling! Good luck with your Thursday target, I’m looking forward to more installments.

    • Keri Peardon says:

      Wow, are you doing one every day? That’s even worse than once a week!

      Is it a complete book (or the plan is that it will be when you’re done), or are you like me and are just writing with no end in sight?

      I think having a plan would be harder, because when I write a novel, I more or less have an end in sight, but I never write the chapters in order. I write scenes as I think of them, then, when I more or less have the entire book written, I go back and start melding the scenes together and filling-in the gaps.

      I’ve had some future material written for Bloodsuckers for a while, but the closer I’ve gotten to where I can finally insert it, the less I’ve written. I’m in one of those gaps between major scenes that I normally don’t fill in until the end of the writing process, but because the story has to be written in sequential order, I’m floundering. Writing in a straight line is contrary to my process (which is another reason why this project is a good thing; it’s a writing challenge).

      • I have an end in sight, but it won’t ever be a novel – it’ll be around 250,000 words by the end of the challenge and I can’t begin to imagine editing that down to 100,000. However, I can already see two sequels, so I think novels will spin off from it. The installments are currently published as monthly volumes.
        Thankfully I do write in a linear way (it would freak me out to write in separate chunks) – I’m a pantser so I don’t know what’s going to happen until it does… It does make it hard to sit at a blank screen every day and make words happen!

      • Keri Peardon says:

        Novel spin-offs are good. But do you think the original story might be divisible into two parts–thus setting you up for two books of close to the correct length? Even if you leave the original story in tact and up for free, you might get some sales from a cleaned-up version in a single e-book (and print!) form.

        I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing that with The Bloodsuckers, somewhere around Episode 50: clean it up, smooth it out, and release it as Book One (probably still for free in e-format, but also have a print version available to buy).

      • I like the idea of compiling it into a print format! Particularly if I get around to writing the spin-off books: It would make a great triple-box-set! Haha

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