Edwardian Movie

Someone shared a link to this movie on Facebook (at least part of it was filmed in Manchester, England in 1901). What makes it so interesting to watch is that the video has been edited to make it more normal. If you’ve ever seen early films, it seems like they’re running on fast forward. (This film from early New York shows people moving very quickly.) This apparently stems from the fact that early cameras were only able to shoot about 18 frames per second, which is slower than the human eye functions (24 fps is what looks normal to us). In order to keep the movie from looking jerky (think flip-book turned too slow), they played the movie back at the correct 24 fps, which made all the movement slightly faster than normal.

This film, however, corrects for that by using a computer to generate a few extra frames so that it has 24 fps and can be played at normal speed. It makes a remarkable difference because it makes people look so much more real. In the sped-up originals, they seem more like cartoon characters than real people.


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