Tasteless News

I’ve complained before that today’s news outlets are sorry. (I mean “sorry” in the Southern definition of the word, which means disgraceful–with the implication that the object of the discussion doesn’t even feel shame for their faults.) Most of the time they’re trying to pass off gossip as news.

Today, for instance, the top news stories on MSN include such fascinating news articles as whether or not Ellen DeGeneres and her soon-to-be-wife want to have a baby, and the fact that a two-headed pig was born in China, but nary a mention on the front page that North Korea keeps threatening to launch a missile–possibly a nuclear warhead–at the United States.

Silly me for thinking that the news that our country might be attacked or forced into war might be relevant to my life (and the lives of many other Americans) when, clearly, Ellen DeGeneres’ reproduction decision is of more impact to my personal life.

This article from the Daily Mail also caught my attention a little while back:

How the seven dwarfs of Auschwitz fell under the spell of Dr Death:
The hideous experiments carried out by Nazi Josef Mengele on seven trusting brothers and sisters

Having studied the Holocaust in both high school and college–and I seem to recall I wrote a paper on Mengele–I’m past the point of finding stories like this one shocking. But what I did find surreal is that, in this news article about a serious and horrific subject–which touches on death, survival, and the depravity of some humans’ souls–the right-hand sidebar was filled with celebrity news which frequently (at the time I originally read it) featured starlets falling out of their clothes/bikinis.

You would think that whoever put the article together would say, you know, it’s tacky to advertise meaningless Hollywood news next to a story about the Holocaust. Let’s turn that sidebar off.

Instead, having it there makes the story (which was otherwise decently presented) look like just one more piece of cheap entertainment for public consumption.

I’m not British, but I seem to recall that the Daily Mail is not known for its intellectual pieces. If you’re going to be an entertainment rag, just be an entertainment rag. By trying to tackle serious subjects in the midst of Hollywood’s lewdness and depravity, you just make yourselves look like idiots and you demean your serious subject. (And MSN needs to decide where it’s going to go: entertainment or news; you can’t straddle the line indefinitely.)

Does no one in the news media have any common sense?



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