Decisions, Decisions

I’ve have a few ideas (okay, a bunch of ideas) for the cover of my second book.

It might help, of course, if I was sure what to name my second book. The original name was “Devotion,” but now that I’ve decided to split it into two books, I’ve decided that name fits better with Part B. Part A, however, deals a lot with making decisions/choices. My covers reflect the title “Decisions,” but I wonder if that is too close to the following title, “Devotion.” Would it be better as “Choices?”

It’s strange, but I had a pretty easy time coming up with the title for both The Flames of Prague and its planned sequel, The Children of Israel. Naming the books in this series has been hard, though.

The Street Light Theme

I was driving home the other day and suddenly had a brilliant idea for the cover of my second book. Because something rather monumental happens in a dark, nearly-deserted parking lot, I thought a picture of a lone light in a parking lot would make for an ominous-looking cover.


This isn’t a exactly street light in a parking lot, but I liked the angle of the light and the brick.


The Road Theme

While I was looking at parking lots, I came across a couple of road pictures that I thought went well with the title. Nothing says decision making like driving.
(Yes, I know I haven’t updated the title on the spine. I didn’t want to put too much effort into the cover, in case I didn’t choose it. This is just for considering the background picture. Further tweaking and alignment is still forthcoming. )

The Water Theme

I was almost ready to post the previous covers when I thought about the teaser line I want to put on the back of the book: Every decision we make is like a rock tossed into a pool of water; it ripples out into the world and we can never be sure of the consequences.

So I looked up some pictures of water and came away with some fabulous covers that I think I like even better than the previous ones.


Clear, simple, and rather bloody-looking.


More turbulent, but I like the darker color.


The only water picture with a real reflection in it. That makes it a little busy behind the text on the back page, but I think it has more character.

So, have a preference for a picture, or at least a theme? Is there a particular one that makes you more curious about what’s in store for Kalyn, Anselm, Micah, and the others?

3 comments on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. I quite like the criss-crossing glow in the dark roads cover. It was the only one that really screamed “Decisions” at me.

  2. trish.g says:

    I love the light on the brick wall. It makes me wonder what shadows are cast and if different decisions were made, how would those shadows look then? I can’t wait to read your second book. I think I have honestly read Acceptance three or four times now!

  3. Ricky Peardon says:

    I liked that one as well, Michelle.

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