(Yet Another) Revised “Acceptance” Cover

I should subtitle this post: Stop me before I Photoshop again. (If you all haven’t realized it yet, I’m a bit of a perfectionist with a Photoshop compulsion.)

While I actually like the new front cover of Acceptance, I don’t like the plain, gradient background; it looks like a homemade job. After working on a cover for my second book (more on that next week!), I went back and redid the back cover for Acceptance.

I have two picture options. I’m leaning towards the one of the setting sun (although, in the picture, it looks more like the moon than the sun).


This is pretty much the final form of the entire cover, barring a little (compulsive) tweaking.


If I end up with this back cover, I’ll format it to look like the cover above. (I didn’t want to do a lot of work for something I may not use.)

Acceptance Cover (Front only) ThumbnailI couldn’t remember if I had already enlarged the title or not, but I see now that I haven’t. Is everyone still in agreement that it needs to be bigger? This is what it looks like as a thumbnail, roughly the size it would be on Amazon:

You know, I think I’m actually pretty decent at this cover design thing. I wouldn’t mind doing it for cash. A decent cover designer seems to charge $100-$200 for a pre-made cover, depending on whether it’s ebook only or a full paperback cover. Based on the time I spend making a cover, I’d say that’s pretty fair. (About $10 an hour wages, not factoring in the cost of photo and font royalties.) Although, some of that time includes searching for the right image for my book and doing my blurb, so I might could get a bit cheaper if selling pre-made covers.

Anyways, once I finalize my cover, I’m going to proofread my book again to correct some typos that I’ve found since publishing (if you have seen any, please leave a comment below with the typo in question and the sentence it appears in (so I can search and find it)). I plan to issue the new edition sometime late this spring or early in the summer. Which means if you want a paperback copy of the original cover, you need to hurry up and order it.

One comment on “(Yet Another) Revised “Acceptance” Cover

  1. I definitely like the setting sun for the background. And I think the title definitely needs to be bigger. And your name! I can barely read the title on that thumbnail, and I definitely can’t read your name.

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