Up and Running Again

Just to add insult to injury, not only did my hard drive go out last week, but our phone service has been down most of the week, which meant no internet at our house.

My husband has my computer restored, however, and I’ve got most of my essential software back on it. And, as of yesterday, the phone was working again (although I’m not as confident in it; it’s been up before, only to go back out again). So maybe I can go back to my regularly-scheduled business.


My husband’s tools will soon be organized like this.

I have to admit, though, that I did accomplish a lot this past week while I had no computer or internet service. The weather was pretty decent, so I spent several days doing a major clean up of our barn/garage. I filled the back of our truck up with trash (and have more to go!) and used nearly an entire box of 10-penny nails. There are so many things hanging from the walls now that it looks like an old-timey general store. I still have 2-3 more days worth of work to finish getting it completely organized, but the weather has turned icky (as it seems to be in most of the country right now), so I’m not going to get to work on it again for a week or more.

As a follow-up warning to backing up your data:

Saving your “My Documents” folder is great, but that usually doesn’t contain everything that you might like to save.

  • Make a back-up of your address book/contacts program. (I lost this at work and it sucked big time.)
  • Make a back-up of your e-mail program (e.g. Outlook)
  • Back-up your internet favorites/bookmarks
  • If you have programs that allow you save settings/preferences (like Scrivener), back-up those settings files.
  • Back-up game downloads, custom maps, etc.
  • Back-up playlists (this is not the same as backing up your music; it has to be done separately)
  • Back-up your e-books (Amazon and Smashwords makes it easy to re-download anything you’ve ever bought from them, but you’ll have to hunt and peck to find all of your free downloads from places like Google and Project Gutenberg. So just back up your e-reader every once in a while and save yourself the hassle.)

Also, when you download software or drivers for your computer, save a copy of the executable file to your backup drive. (I now have a folder on my spare hard drive called “reinstall.”) This makes it easy to reload all of your software and saves time. (Don’t forget to save your registration codes, too! If you need to, make a text file with all the codes in it and save that in your Reinstall folder, too.)


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