Revised Cover




2 comments on “Revised Cover

  1. I spent an hour this morning trying to find the right font/layout (I can’t help it, I get obsessed when I have an image in my mind I can’t recreate). Unfortunately I have a very limited selection of fonts in my Photoshop. Anyway sorry if I’m being interfering! I wanted to explain what I meant about being able to see your title and name easily: your front cover is your business card/writer brand/ shop window etc etc. I think your name is as important as the name of the book. I love the image by the way. I looked for something similar that would allow more text but I couldn’t better this one in my quick search (again sorry if I sound interfering!)
    Anyway, this is what I came up with. The font is Papyrus and isn’t right at all but it was the closest to the one in my head! 🙂 My husband didn’t like but he couldn’t explain why so that wasn’t much help!

  2. Very nice! I think your name needs to be bigger, though. I can barely read it on the screen here, and on a thumbnail image? Not a chance. Could you maybe stick it at the top, and then move Acceptance down further and enlarge it? Nothing is more important on a book cover than the title 🙂

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