HTML/CSS Design Question

I hereby interrupt your regularly-scheduled post to insert a question. This is for my web design friends.

On my website, I have a banner, sidebar (w/ links) and a footer. I want these elements to be the same on every single page.

As of right now, each page is individually coded to have those three elements. But now I want to add a link to my sidebar and, guess what?, I don’t want to add that link to twenty separate pages.

I want a master template where the code for my banner, sidebar (w/links), and footer text resides so that when I want to add another link or update the footer, I can change the template and all of my pages magically update.

Now, I do have some CSS knowledge, and I now have the code necessary to put the same background, header, link block and footer block on every single page.

What’s missing, however, are the links in my sidebar and the text in the footer. From everything I’ve read online, you can not put static text or links in CSS.

So how can I make some sort of master template or file that all of my pages can pull information from, so when I go to make changes to my links or footers, I only have to change the one file, not all of them?

(I do not have Dreamweaver or FrontPage; I’m using a free WYSIWYG editor with the ability to code the HTML/CSS by hand. So I need actual code or a link to a free something-another that allows me to do this.)



One comment on “HTML/CSS Design Question

  1. I shall now provide the answer to all your questions. And the answer is, of course, teriyaki steak. You’re welcome.

    ((I do not understand computers. Best of luck with your quest!))

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