Plans for “The Bloodsuckers”

My husband nagged me for a new Bloodsuckers episode the other night at dinner, and we got off on a deep conversation about where the series is and where it’s going, and here’s what came of it:

  1. I got inspired to write some more episodes. (A new one was published yesterday.)
  2. I’m going to bring my husband in as a co-writer around Episode 50.

My husband has said for quite a while that he’d like to write a vampire hunter to take on some of my vampires. I mentioned that I had plans to introduce a villain into the series, as soon as I get a few more things worked out between Scott and Josie.

This lead to the idea that my husband will begin writing a completely new character who will become Scott’s archenemy. My husband and I will take turns writing episodes, neither of us knowing how the other will respond (just the way two people interact in the real world). When our characters overlap in a scene, I’ll probably do most of the background writing, but we’ll write the dialog one line at a time, swapping back and forth.

I have no idea how it will turn out, but that’s been my refrain since I started writing this series. It’s all one big experiment with no end in sight.

Volume 3

I also got off my ass (well, metaphorically speaking; I actually had to sit down to do it) and formatted Episodes 21-30 and published them on Smashwords as Volume 3.

I also updated Volumes 1 and 2 to add previews for my other published words (meaning you don’t have to update the copies you already have; nothing major was changed). I have had 392 downloads of Volume 1 and 319 of Volume 2. I nearly doubled the number of downloads of Volume 1 when I published Volume 2.

Which means that I will get a lot of new readers of 1 and 2 now that 3 is also out. And I want everyone to see that I write more stuff. I need to sell more books, and the purpose of writing a free serial novel in the first place was for publicity.

One comment on “Plans for “The Bloodsuckers”

  1. Wallace says:

    I downloaded you third volume into my PC for transfer to my Nook later. I confess things came up and I hadn’t read the last few episodes of the series, but now I can carry the third set around with me and read them a lot easier than on the PC.

    Can Stuart write? Fiction that is, not merely words in a row on a piece of paper. If so, why isn’t he writing now instead of just waiting for you to tag team him into the game? Maybe you can have him write some small fiction piece of his own and publish it as a guest column on your blog and see how your readers rate it. Knowing, of course, if they are too critical he can take them out on the field and pound them into the ground.

    And why wait till episode 50? You just wrote 31 and, at the rate you are going with maybe one a month, it’ll be a 19 months or so before he tries his hand at writing. I’d grab him RIGHT NOW and make him write something while he is still interested before he gets bored/discouraged/distracted and decides to go do something else. If he can write well, then have him practice up with his own pieces so that when you do tag team him into the game, he’ll be trained and up to speed and ready to go.

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