Liebster Blog Award

It’s official. I have now talked about my book, The Flames of Prague, so much, I’m getting spam comments in what appears to be Czech. So vítejte to all of you people who try to spam my comments. If you leave a meaningful comment, I’ll let it post. Otherwise, na shledanou.

I have been nominated for a couple of blogging awards; here are my answers to the first.

Liebster Blog Award

1. What is your favorite song?


The 80’s were an innocent time. Men could dress like this–even wear pink!–and it was totally not gay. And you could say things like “totally.” And, that was, like, considered English or some junk.

I don’t do well with questions like this and “what’s your favorite color?”. It all depends on my mood and where I am in my life. I mean, I once listened to The Beach Boys endlessly (I was 9; cut me some slack). Now I change the radio anytime they come on. (I have a theory that every song has its own saturation point–that point when you don’t care to ever hear it again. Everything in The Beach Boys collection has reached maximum saturation with me.)

You can get a little taste of my eclectic tastes on YouTube. I’ve not been building my playlists for very long, so they are a very small sample, but I divide things up by mood, so you can see what I like to listen to when I’m in a certain mood.

2. What was the last thing you ate?

Some Krystal chicks, fries, and a cherry icee (they don’t like to call it an icee, though; it’s a “freeze”).

3. Do you prefer to read from an eReader or a paper copy?

I will say this about paper books: they don’t have distracting words games on them and it’s so easy to pick them up and just start reading anywhere.

At the same time, I love the fact that my Kindle fits in my purse and I have hundreds of books to choose from at any time. When I was stuck in traffic for more than an hour one day, I pulled out my Kindle and just read. (I had paper books in the car I could have accessed too, but I didn’t have the nearly the selection.)

4. List your five favorite movies?

What are you doing there question mark? Naughty question mark!


Mustache? Did you seriously confuse me with Porkins?

I love movies like the original Star Wars trilogy (I’m horrible; I like the third one the best) and The Princess Bride and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. But they’ve kind of hit their saturation point. I can pretty much quote them word-for-word, so I don’t watch them much anymore. I mean, I know them so well, I can understand everything Andre the Giant says and I know Wedge Antilles never had a mustache (yeah, you know who you are).

Bonus info: I worked at a Toys R Us the summer Star Wars Episode 1 came out. I seriously impressed a (hot) floor manager when he popped off a Star Wars quote and I retorted with the follow-up line. He stopped in his tracks, turned to look at me–jaw dropped just a little–and said he had never known a girl who could quote Star Wars before. I think he actually staggered back when I said, “Yeah, and I even know Wedge Antilles was the only fighter pilot to survive all three episodes.”

Alas, I was too shy to ask him for a date. (Don’t know what his excuse was; I mean, come on, buddy!)

5. What writing project are you working on now?

The Flames of Prague. You can get an overview here. You can see the full cover here. You can read about my editing goals here. You can read about some of the historical research behind the story here and here.

6. Are you allergic to anything?

Penicillin. Also, sugar alcohol (found in sugar free products) makes me so sick (I can’t even  have a single sugar-free breath mint), that I tell people I’m allergic to it.

7. Do you have any real life stories that start with, “This one time at camp…”

No. I only went to camp once, it was for a week, and it was fairly uneventful (not that it wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, either). Although I do still complain about doing the repelling wall and the high ropes course/zip line. That was the year I found out that I had become afraid of heights.

8. How do you handle telemarketers?

“We’re on the do-not-call list. Do not call us again.”

Although, when I was in college–before there was a do-not-call list, I once told a credit card telemarketer, “I’ve joined the Young Communist’s Society at my college, and I no longer believe in your capitalist forms of money lending.” Then I hung up.

No joke; I actually said that.

9. When was the last time you wrote someone a letter by hand and mailed it?

Um… I typed a letter (because my handwriting’s not so hot) and mailed it to my former headmaster on the occasion of his retirement. That was in 2007.

10. Besides writing, do you have any other artsy talents?


St. Michael slaying the devil (approx 4.5″ in diameter). My second piece of bead embroidery and first attempt at German or “contoured” beading.

What artsy talents don’t I have? Oh, yeah, I can’t draw or paint, unless I’m tracing or painting within the lines (both of which I do to replicate medieval art). And I have no musical skills. None. But… I think that’s about it. I can sew (machine and hand), embroider, do beadwork (jewelry and embroidery), knit, do some weaving, basketweaving, wreath-making, very basic bobbin lace… and probably several more things I’m forgetting.

I will admit that I’ve never been good at crocheting or naalbinding; I prefer knitting. I’ve sewn some leather on the machine, but haven’t done any properly by hand (although I understand the mechanics and do intend to make myself some shoes sometime).

Here is a small sampling of my beadwork and sewing projects.

11. What is your favorite joke?

I think the ones I retell most often are my Dad’s Haletown Fire Department set. It has such classics as:

Windsor Fire TruckThe fire chief is called Nubs. He got that name about two weeks after they got the Jaws of Life.


Last year the Haletown Fire Department saved two sidewalks and a foundation, but they let an above-ground swimming pool burn to the ground.

He claims they still drive a 1922 REO Speedwagon.


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