Hanukkah is Almost Here

Hanukkah starts tomorrow night.


So, light your lightsaber menorah.


Energize your Droidel.


Put on the appropriate music.

And be prepared.

I’m going to be giving some gifts to my blog followers over the holiday, so stay tuned, because some of them won’t last long!

2 comments on “Hanukkah is Almost Here

  1. Wallace says:

    What, Neil Diamond singing the Hanukkah Song? When you want the best version, go with the original from Adam Sandler. And if you like this one, he’s got two more versions on You Tube with entirely different Jews in the song. Enjoy:

    • Keri Peardon says:

      Yeah, I usually watch the original version as well, but I like the smoothness and nice animation of the Neil Diamond version. That, and it’s funny to hear Neil Diamond singing an Adam Sandler song. It legitimizes it when it’s being covered by professional singers, lol.

      I know I’ve heard the sequel and I think I’ve heard the third one as well. I have to confess, I’m not fond of the one where he jokes about “take back Tom Arnold” (Tom converted). I’m a bit sensitive to that sort of thing, you know.

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