I’m Still Alive

Work is crazy as I try to finish up all my outstanding projects and teach my attorney how to do all her paperwork and electronic filing. I have a lead on a job with another local attorney, so keep your fingers crossed.

I’m also only 277 words from finishing NaNo. It’s pretty ugly, since my word count is compiled from three partial novels and one partial essay, but I’ve actually made some good progress, especially on the third Acceptance novel (Sacrifice). And I’ve definitely gotten back into the habit of writing without worrying about editing. It’s good to recenter the old inner editor from time to time. Otherwise it can get out of hand.

And I’m completely in love with Scrivener. My grandmother gave me my Christmas money early, so I’m planning on getting the license for it. Last night I uploaded The Bloodsuckers into it. Yes, I’m going to start writing those again! I think Scrivener will help me with that since I have so many files now (29 and counting!) that it’s hard to find information I need. It will also help me organize things like character profiles, etc. It’s hard enough to keep up with everything when you’re writing a novel, but it’s even harder when you only work on said novel once a week.

BTW, when I put all of The Bloodsuckers into Scrivener–including some chapters I haven’t used yet– my word count was exactly 50,000. So it’s a novella and quickly approaching novel-length.

6 comments on “I’m Still Alive

  1. Haven’t tried Scrivener yet. Everyone keeps raving about it, though, so eventually I’ll have to give in 🙂 Congrats on being alive and almost finishing NaNo!

    • Keri Peardon says:

      You can try it for free for 30 days, so give it a whirl! The standard trial

      • I’ve heard that it’s great on Mac, but terrible on PC. Thoughts?

      • Keri Peardon says:

        I have a PC. I don’t know what it possibly does better on the Mac. In fact, I have used it both on my home computer (which has XP) and my work computer (which is Vista).

        I’ve not had any problems with it. It has complained about importing files from Word (2003 .doc files), saying it can’t import them correctly because of a file error, but they do end up importing, and the look perfectly fine to me. So I’m not sure what it’s complaining about. I just ignore it.

        Now, I will not use it to do all my final formatting. It openly admits it is not as powerful as your normal word processor in that regard, so when I get done with the writing part, I’ll move the entire book over to Word to do my proofreading and formatting. But you can’t beat it when it comes to ease of moving around chapters/scenes and compiling research. It’s so much handier to have all my notes in one place, rather than having to hunt them down in all my various files. And since I don’t write stories in order, the ability to rearrange easily is a God-send.

  2. The Bloodsuckers. Is this a project that will end and be published in book form, or will we get to read about Scott and Josie as they go about their daily lives for a long time to come? 🙂

    • Keri Peardon says:

      I have no idea. I’m totally making it all up as I go along! I do expect there will come a time when I declare it over with, just because I get tired of working on it and have run out of ideas. But a part of me says, “‘Varney the Vampire’ had something like 109 episodes that turned into 220 book chapters, 876 pages, and 667,000 words….”

      Challenge Accepted

      If I turned it into a book, though, I would have to go back and cut out a lot of the day-to-day stuff and just leave the highlights. Otherwise it would be way too Dickensian. Of course, if it ever exceeded half a million words, it would definitely be more than one novel!

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