In Britain, It’s Called “Redundancy”

Well, I just got the news yesterday that I’m getting laid-off. Next week will probably be my last. I will probably not be posting much between now and then, as my spare time will be filled with job hunting (and Thanksgiving), but when my days are empty and devoid of work (and money), I’ll post nice long posts again.

My first post may be about the edible plants in our yard.


5 comments on “In Britain, It’s Called “Redundancy”

  1. Bill McNutt says:

    Hey – you people: buy the book!

  2. Wallace says:

    Sorry to hear about your getting laid off, but I’m sure you’ll get another job before you are reduced to eating the plants in your yard for sustenance. I saw you were expanding your job search to several surrounding cities, but your house is close to Nashville. Do you own or rent? If you rent, moving might be no big problem, but if you own, what are you going to do about your house and land if you and Stuart get a job in, say, Atlanta? Is the job market where you live so dead that you’ll be forced to look that far a field? I hope you both find something, but I think you’re right and there are more jobs in the big cities than in the ‘burbs.

  3. SK Figler says:

    So sorry, Keri. You seem resourceful, though, rather than redundant.

  4. Ugh! I don’t really “like” your post. I’m sorry about your job. Hope you find something better than what you have now. … Glad I didn’t take you up on your offer when the book was free; I’ll be buying it this weekend!

  5. That sucks 😦 At least you’ll have more time for writing! Shiny silver lining! Seriously though, best of luck finding a new job 🙂

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