Ginger Appreciation Day

From what I’ve been seeing on the internet, red-headed people in the U.K. seem to  be given a hard time. They’re referred to as “gingers” and there is a whole slew of jokes about gingers not having souls.

That isn’t to say that there aren’t carrot-top jokes made in elementary schools in the U.S., but when it comes to adults, I think many people here find red-heads attractive. Certainly you don’t hear soulless jokes.

I myself have spent time as a red-head (from a bottle). Kalyn and her mother, Alice, both have dark auburn hair. And Ciaran has cinnamon-colored hair. So I think we need to celebrate all hair hued strawberry to orange to mahogany.

Actor Damien Lewis is about as gingery as they come. And, I think, rather attractive. I know him from Band of Brothers (if you haven’t watched it, you should), where he portrayed Major Dick Winters–himself a red-head.

Men seem to like red-headed women more than women like red-headed men. I mean, what man doesn’t like looking at Nicole Kidman? And Gillian Anderson was practically a goddess while on The X Files.

And some people just look better as redheads. Both Kate Winslett and Geena Davis are natural brunettes (some say they have red highlights) who look better red than any other color.

Kate Winslett looks terrible as a blonde.

Kate rocking red hair and a 1940’s style.

Hot in red.

Who thought this was a good idea???

Share your favorite red-head in the comments!


3 comments on “Ginger Appreciation Day

  1. martibooker says:

    Sadly, the ginger prejudice has moved across the Atlantic and is now in American schools, thanks to the adult-oriented cartoon series South Park. My redheaded kids get teased about being soulless monsters. Gee thanks, Matt Stone. :/

    Favorite redhead? Maureen O’Hara!

  2. I love red hair. Even though a natural “dishwater blonde,” I always try for red hues when I do my own color. Christina Hendricks from Mad Men and Molly Quinn from Castle are two nice redheads.

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