Author Abigail Gibbs Makes Me Eat Crow

Sometime back, I mentioned a teen who sold her serial novel for 6 figures. It was said in the article I read that her novel started out as a Twilight fan-fic (which implies her world and/or characters were not original and that she was building off someone else’s work).

She replied to that post, but since the post is old, I was afraid no one would see it, and I wanted to make sure her story got corrected.

Sorry, I stumbled across this and had to put this right. I’m Abigail Gibbs and I can tell you The Dark Heroine didn’t start off as fan-fic. That’s a complete lie invented by the media who have jumped on the Twilight-bashing bandwagon. I read and enjoyed some parts of Twilight, but I didn’t use Meyer’s characters, her world, her myths, ideas, plots etc at ANY point during the course of writing the story, not even when I first started. The only similarities are the fact it’s a romance and about vampires aka it’s in the same genre.

All I can say is, Abigail, you go girl! Keep writing, keep making flipping big wads of cash, and keep standing up for yourself (and making those of us who got it wrong eat crow).


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