How to Dress a Vampire

As my dad would say, I horse-laughed when I read “bow chicka row roww.”

I admit, Edward’s sleeveless shirt bothered me the first time I read the book. Sleeveless, button-up shirts in Tennessee tend to look like this:

Or, you have the sleeveless undershirt option (also known in these parts as a “wife beater.”)

In short, sleeveless shirts look horrible on men. I’d rather Edward just took off his sweater and revealed the entirety of his chiseled, marble chest. (I have mentioned that “chiseled” and “marble” are words that should be banned from romance novels, right?)

This is much more sexy than a sleeveless shirt.

So, what do my vampires wear?

Surprisingly normal clothes.

Ciaran: He was wearing jeans and tennis shoes and a T-shirt which had once been white, but was now so soaked with blood, it wasn’t possible to tell what was printed on it. He looked ordinary enough—ordinary enough to blend in with humans, as they did.

Issac: He was a small man—barely as tall as Kalyn—with an olive complexion and dark eyes. His curly hair was a very dark brown, with some gray at the temples. It was receding—or had been when he was turned and became frozen in time. He had a small bald spot on the back of his head, too, but it was usually hidden under his yarmulke.

Anselm: He was wearing black dress pants, a white Oxford shirt, and a black jacket.

Joshua: He was dressed casually—or as casual as he probably ever got. He was wearing khaki slacks, plain brown dress shoes, a white cotton shirt with a short, Mandarin collar, and a black yarmulke.

Marie: She was simply arrayed in a pair of white cotton pants and matching sleeveless blouse, but she exuded class and elegance. The outfit perfectly contrasted with her darker features. 

Rose: Rose, like Anselm, was usually impeccably dressed. She was always so stylish and sophisticated, Kalyn felt equal parts envy and admiration.

But now Rose’s chin-length, chocolate-brown hair was pushed away from her face with a plain headband, and she wore no makeup at all. Instead of the silk blouses and tailored slacks she normally wore, she was in a plain, black t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans—faded from wear, but not torn or dirty.

Micah: Micah was wearing black jeans and a black, short-sleeved shirt only half-buttoned up over a white undershirt.

In short, all of my vampires look exactly like they did when they died, and they wear whatever is normal for the location and culture where they live. (Although I do put Micah in a tux in the second book and most of the men get down to their skivvies at some point in the third book. I do give you a little something to enjoy!)

One comment on “How to Dress a Vampire

  1. mari wells says:

    Nodding, good job! Makes sense.

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