Checking In

Where am I? Why am I not posting? Will I ever do one more Bloodsuckers so I can release my third volume? What happened to Stick Figures Do Medieval History?

I am, um, writing. In fact, I’m doing some serious pre-planning for NaNo. Oh, and I’m making our Halloween costumes. So… yeah. Writing and sewing.

Oh, and Sunday I went to the Southern Festival of Books in downtown Nashville and went to A. J. Jacobs‘ presentation and book signing. Unfortunately, the weather was very windy and they kept having tents collpasing, so a lot of exhibits had moved or already closed down for the day. I told my husband that next year we’ll have to make plans to go and see more.

One year, they’ll invite me to be a guest speaker there. One year….

And I just finished reading Susan Cain’s book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking. I really liked her TED Talk, which is why I wanted to read her book. It was an interesting read, although I will admit that it didn’t really tell me anything I hadn’t already figured out. However, it took me forever to figure some of that stuff out on my own, and I might not have been able to if I had been around more extroverts. Most of my family–including my husband–and my friends are introverts, so it makes my life easier. But for introverts trying to scrape by in an extrovert world–or even people who aren’t even aware that they’re introverts–it can be a seriously enlightening read.



4 comments on “Checking In

  1. Wallace says:

    I was checking some stuff on Amazon and decided to check out your book to see if it had any reviews. It had two very good 5 star reviews on the actual paperback copy site, but no reviews on the ebook site. I thought they usually cross posted reviews on all versions of the same work. Most hardback, paperback, and ebook versions of a book all have the same reviews, but yours doesn’t. I’m not sure if this is something the author sets up or something that Amazon does automatically, but I suspect having no reviews on the ebook version is not helping your sales any. Can you go and fix that so that reviews on one version of your book show up on both versions? It is, after all, the exact same book.

  2. Wallace says:

    Good to hear. Those were good reviews and they need to be with the ebook, which is likely were most of your sales will come from.

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