Making Lemonade from Lemons

A friend of mine recently had his cargo trailer tagged with a swastika. Not a smart thing to do in Tennessee when the majority of homeowners are armed and answer suspicious noises with gunfire. (See my Dad’s comedy routine.)

But, Darwin Award try-outs aside, the swastika is there and we’ve been talking about it on Facebook all morning. Of course, the simple thing is to just paint over it with white paint, but being the Paint wizard that I am, I’m offering up a few alternatives that even the painting-challenged can replicate with nothing more than a paint pen and about 3 minutes of free time.

Being that my friend and I are both medieval re-enactors, I am most fond of the Don Quixote adaptation.

The real reason why the trailer was tagged: peeps were green with envy.

In this piece, I drew on classic art from WWII, and then I tapped two of my favorite inner muses, Clint Eastwood and Ben Franklin, to deconstruct the hate into a message of defiance, which I depicted with the stick-figure character, which is representative of the everyman and, I think, is symbolic of the repressed rage that most all Americans feel when confronted with dumbasses.

3 comments on “Making Lemonade from Lemons

  1. Wallace says:

    I like your father’s stand up routine. Does he have any more online? Or a web page that gives his tour dates in case he is ever in Chattanooga?

  2. Oh, I agree. Love your dad’s voice and delivery. When you mentioned you were the daughter of a professional comedian, I looked him up then. My family would love him. Tell him to go YouTube! I like the Don Quixote windmill and quote, too.

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