Sending Out Press Releases

After tweaking my press release a little for each market, I submitted press releases to the following papers:

Eagleville – the town where I live now.

Lewisburg – the town where I work.

Marion County -the county where I grew up (they had one website for all the county papers and an online form that allowed you to submit a press release to all of them).

Knoxville – because part of the book takes place there.

Oak Ridge – because the second and third books take place there. (I would have also submitted to the Lenoir City paper, but their website apparently has a virus on it because Google and other filters blocked it)

Chattanooga – the largest city near where I grew up; it covers some news in my home county.

Murfreesboro – the closest city to where I live. (This included both the standard newspaper and an independent paper that covers just local arts and culture.) Here is my release on the Daily News Journal blog.

Nashville – covers Middle TN news.

I also submitted a more personal publication note to the alumni office/class reporter at my high school and college.

This just gives you some idea of where to send your own press releases. Not all papers will print book releases, or they may not cover them if the book is self-published. But it doesn’t cost anything but a little time and the worst than can happen is they tell you “no.”

2 comments on “Sending Out Press Releases

  1. Keri, will you know if any of these publications run the press release? Other than buying them every day and looking for them? 🙂

    • Keri Peardon says:

      One reporter contacted me and told me that it was posted. A few other reporters have acknowledged getting the release and have indicated they might run it. I’m hoping they will tell me that they have run it, so I can link to it.

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