Teenager Makes Flipping Big Wads of Cash on Her Vampire Novel

Teenager Abigail Gibbs just got a 6-figure book deal for her vampire novel that started off as Twilight fan fic.

Now, I’m not going to hate on Abigail, because if it was me, hell yeah I’d be taking that deal and celebrating (and probably crying from happiness).

But, really?

If you haven’t heard, Fifty Shades of Gray started out as a Twilight fan fic (the completed novel has no vampires in it, though) and it (and its sequels) are currently the best-selling book(s) in the world.

And here I spent all my time and effort making up unique characters and unique vampires–who come complete with 2,500 years of history and mythological origins (you can read all my background information on my website). Instead, I should have been using my time and energy writing about characters that already exist, or putting new characters into an existing fantasy universe.

Urgh. The only thing I see that’s mildly positive is that Abigail’s story started out as a serial novel and it attracted so many readers, it got the attention of an agent. So share The Bloodsuckers with more people! Baby needs a new pair of shoes. (No, really, I do.)

8 comments on “Teenager Makes Flipping Big Wads of Cash on Her Vampire Novel

  1. Well, kudos to her for getting 17 million views of her book, I guess, lol. Maybe we just need to bow to the inevitable and start writing bad Twilight fanfiction too.

    • Keri Peardon says:

      I still get excited when I have 100 views on my blog on one day. (I just looked. 69 is my average daily view for the month. I’ve had a TOTAL of 19,000 some-odd views in 2.25 years, so you can see how big 17 million is in comparison.)

      Maybe I need to make Scott more brooding. And he and Josie need to have a role reversal. She wears the pants in their relationship, and that won’t do at all. He needs to treat her like she’s weak and an idiot because she’s human and a woman. And he probably needs to spank her (although she might just like that). And she shouldn’t be so much better looking than him; she should be plain–or even ugly–in comparison.

      I’m reminded of the movie “She-Devil.” Meryl Streep plays a romance writer. At one point, she’s giving an interview, and she says something about the man needs to be in control because, you know, he’s the man. It’s meant to be funny (because we later see this is all an act), but I think books are kind of getting into that now.

      I’m all for a strong male character, and I have a tendency towards the chivalric ideal (okay, “tendency” might be too weak a word), but I don’t make my men strong by making my women weak.

  2. Wallace says:

    Wow! Over 19,000 views in just 2.25 years, that’s averaging over 160 views a week. And considering that your first few months or even the first year you probably got next to no views, that means you’re likely getting well over 200 views a week. That’s not bad for somebody who, till just this Summer, hadn’t published anything at all. Don’t downplay yourself, it sounds like you’re doing fine and will only get better now that you have an actual novel out there to attract fans and get more readers for your serial novel.

    But if that girl got a six figure deal for her internet serial novel that’s really just fan fiction, maybe you should make a few changes to your serial novel. You might have him move to the Pacific Northwest so he can hang out in the rain forest more often. And find out he can go outside in the sunlight if he covers himself with some SPF 200 sun block, tho it might have the side effect of having metal particles that cause him to glitter in the sunlight. And maybe Josie can have an “accident” where she falls down the stairs on the way to his basement and suffers severe brain damage. Then she can walk around all day looking emotionless and be quite happy just having Scott near her. And maybe a group of big husky gay guys from San Francisco can move into town and then she misunderstands the term and thinks they’re really were-bears. Then she falls in love with one of them, tho it’s a love that can never be since she’s a human girl and he’s a… well, he is gay after all.

    I think if you make these few minor tweaks, you serial novel can get some of the Twilight money those tween girls are happy to throw around.

  3. Rueben says:

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  4. Sorry, I stumbled across this and had to put this right. I’m Abigail Gibbs and I can tell you The Dark Heroine didn’t start off as fan-fic. That’s a complete lie invented by the media who have jumped on the Twilight-bashing bandwagon. I read and enjoyed some parts of Twilight, but I didn’t use Meyer’s characters, her world, her myths, ideas, plots etc at ANY point during the course of writing the story, not even when I first started. The only similarities are the fact it’s a romance and about vampires aka it’s in the same genre.

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