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I actually found a press release template from Duolit and I put together one based on their suggestions. I’ll do a little tweaking for each newspaper I submit it to, but this is basically it. It’s one printed page and can easily be edited to be shorter.

I’m open for comments, because God knows I don’t really know what I’m doing (not that that’s stopped me before!).



Date: 9/18/12

Contact: Keri Peardon, [phone], [e-mail]


Local author releases debut novel

Keri Peardon publishes first novel of fantasy trilogy

Eagleville, TN – Eagleville resident, Keri Peardon, has released her debut novel, Acceptance. It is the first book in an adult urban fantasy trilogy which will be published over the next few years.

“I was laid-off from my job in 2008,” says Peardon. “A year later, I was still unemployed with no job in sight. So I decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month just to have something to do. I surprised myself when I finished the month with a viable book.”

Set in East Tennessee, Acceptance follows 16 year-old Kalyn Reid as she comes of age during a war between two factions of vampires.

Kalyn is born into the Yaechahre, a group of humans who have lived with vampires for more than 100 generations. She is paired with Anselm, a handsome, quiet vampire who will be her mentor for the next year.

Then the “Others” come. The strange new breed of vampire has been a rumor for decades, but they finally show themselves when they attack Kalyn’s group, murdering humans and vampires alike.

Now it’s up to Kalyn, Anselm, and his brother, Micah, to track down the murderer before he kills again. Little do they know, he is hunting them in return, and the final showdown will be to the death.

Ms. Peardon chose to self-publish her book after a year of rejection letters from agents. “It’s very hard to get an agent, much less a publisher. But self-publishing is really gaining traction because authors can make more money and have more control. But it’s a lot of work. I designed my own cover and did all of my own editing, proofreading, and formatting.”

Acceptance is available in paperback on It’s also available for the Kindle on and for all other e-book formats on

More information on the book can be found on the author’s website, You can also follow her blog at

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2 comments on “Press Release

  1. This reads really well (and I shall be borrowing the template when I am ready to use it! Thank you!). I wish you much success…

  2. Thanks for posting this, Keri. At first glance, it looks great. Yes, you are fearless! I’ll look it over more closely this coming week.

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