Handy Dandy Vampire Guide

A friend shared this on Facebook. One day I hope I shall merit having one of my vampires classified on such a poster. I’m thinking Micah as the “the Jewish one,” complete with yarmulke.

Of course, it could be Scott in a suit as “the bloodsucking lawyer.”

Two, two vampires for the poster! Ah, ha, ha, ha!


4 comments on “Handy Dandy Vampire Guide

  1. Wallace says:

    I like your poster. I especially like where Blade is moving out of his designated spot and is moving into Edward’s spot. Let’s hope he makes a quick job of it.

    Also, you had asked me before what I think Bram Stoker would have thought about your vampires. I posted a reply, but it was a day or more after your question, so I don’t know whether Facebook ever notified you of my reply. If not, it’s here:


  2. Wallace says:

    Oh, I noticed my comment above is awaiting moderation. I think I know why. Every time I’ve put a link in a comment, instead of posting the comment, it goes into moderation. I think this is so you can decide if you want the external link in your blog or not. Actually a reasonable action that would keep marketers out of WordPress.

  3. Johnc142 says:

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