Formatting is a Pain in My _______ [Fill in the Blank]

I got the proof copy of my book, Acceptance, in the mail Friday. The cover looks good (my husband said it looks professional) and the formatting inside looks nice, with one exception: the spacing of my words is hinky. S o y  ou get s ome thi g t hat lo oks like this.

Unacceptable to the nth degree.

I went back through my documents to figure out where the error crept in and found it in one of two .pdfs. CreateSpace really prefers .pdf/x documents because that file type imbeds fonts. As I’m using several different fonts–not all of which are standard–I’m thinking I should definitely use the .pdf/x file type. The only problem is, I can’t save as that font type directly from Word (not even when I’m at work, where I have a newer version of Word and a full version of Adobe). What I was able to do, however, was save the Word document as a .pdf, then open that in Adobe and convert it to a .pdf/x.

Sounds brilliant, doesn’t it? Except that making it a .pdf/x created those spacing problems; they’re not in the original .pdf.

So, it’s back to futzing with Adobe for me. I may have to take my chances with a regular .pdf and see if CreateSpace guesses my font types correctly. But, I can look through the book virtually, so I shouldn’t have to order another proof copy and wait. As of now, I’m still on schedule for having the print copy available on August 31. (The e-book is going up that day regardless.)

On a more positive note, my two novellas were reviewed over on Michelle Proulx Official and I got good reviews. I’m feeling really pleased that my first published romance (and my first attempt at writing contemporary romance ever) seems to be pretty good. It makes he more confident going into my historical romance (I plan on publishing The Flames of Prague next fall).

The Last Golden Dragon and The Widow are both just 99 cents/ 70 pence–which is about the price of a candy bar these days. They’ll last longer than a candy bar and contain no calories, so why not treat yourself? (A few more sales and I may actually earn a royalty check before the end of the year!)

3 comments on “Formatting is a Pain in My _______ [Fill in the Blank]

  1. Oh, I feel your pain on the formatting issues. I had some terrible messes for a while. Hopefully, you will find the right workaround. … Ok. …. Ok. … I gave up my candy bar for the day. The Widow appeals to me, and she is now in my Kindle for PC. 😉

  2. I’m sorry, that sucks! Can you see the spacing issues in your saved file, or did you only see them once the proof was printed? And I’m glad you liked the reviews 🙂 In case you couldn’t tell, I very much enjoyed your novellas!

    • Keri Peardon says:

      I saw them in the .pdf/x file, once I went back and looked at it. Like Dr. Evil, once I did the initial .pdf conversion, I just assumed everything else went according to plan. But that is why I ordered a proof.

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