Squee! Story Forge Cards have Arrived!

I got my Story Forge cards last night. (Read about them here. Buy them here.) I got them just 6 days after ordering (and I might have actually gotten them a day earlier than that; I forgot to check the mail Wednesday), so fast shipping.

I’m really impressed by the quality. They’re the size of a tarot card and much heavier than a standard playing card. The print is nice and big (reading glasses probably not necessary). They also have a nice, heavy storage box.

I played around with them a little bit last night. I was needing some inspiration for this week’s episode of Bloodsuckers, but they’re really for creating whole stories and characters from scratch. I already had such a narrow plot line for today’s episode that they really didn’t help. (The Story Forge cards are general, like tarot cards. The 1936 plot cards are very specific and might work better when you need a sub-plot or just a little jolt to keep your already-established story rolling along.)

And yes, I did manage to do a new Bloodsuckers this week; I will be posting it later today.

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