Random Tidbits

E-Books now outselling print books on Amazon UK.

My friend Cedric issued a challenge to sum up my three books in haiku, so here it is:

Teen girl, easy life.
Shit hits the fan. People die.
Growing up’s painful.

Heart’s desire reached.
But there’s a complication.
Life is hard choices.

The foe is revealed.
When all you have left is death,
How you die matters.

Yeah, I know I’m behind on “Vampire Lawyers” again. I have a vague idea floating around in my head, but I haven’t sat down and forced it to gel. I’ve actually *gasp* been taking a break from writing for the last several days! I can’t afford a real vacation from work, but I can at least take a break from my second job.

…Just in time to try and tame the mess in the house. I think most writers must have messy, disorganized houses (unless they can afford a housekeeper). You just don’t have time to clean when there’s so much reading and writing to be done. (This may be why my two lead protagonists are neat-freaks: living vicariously!)

On a side note, I was in a local shop today, and I’ve already picked out the antique furniture and Victorian prints that I want in my writer’s cottage. Now, besides needing the cottage, I need $1,000 to drop on the furnishings.


4 comments on “Random Tidbits

  1. Wallace says:

    Well, it wasn’t so much a challenge as a comment, but I see you rose to the… err, OK, challenge. Very nice. But still kind of short. How about this, you’re an English major and must have had some poetry classes. Why not write a summary, or just an appreciation, of your first book in a Shakespearian sonnet. Surely you’ve got 14 lines of iambic pentameter inside you just itching to get out.

    You can wax lyrical about the love or torment or passion your characters are feeling and even slip in some Elizabethan metaphors or similes to show off that degree you have. I know you can write poetry since I remember you posting a while back some of your High School and College poems. And a little poetry will be just the palate, or palette, cleanser to get all that prose out of your mouth and out of your eyes.

    And I’m not sure writers all have messy houses, but I bet they all have messy offices and writing desks. Most of the time their spouse would not let them spread their clutter all over the house. Unless the writer was a woman, usually responsible for the order of the house, and the husband was exceedingly tolerant. In that case, maybe food, beer, and a big screen TV makes up for any slight faults in cleaning.

    Only $1,000 for Victorian furniture? Must be reproductions or you’ve settled for a tiny writer’s garret. I could drop a grand on a good desk alone. Throw in some English Gentleman’s Club leather chairs and ottomans from the turn of the last century, a winged back chair for solitary contemplation, a few marble topped tables with globe and glass chimney tops, an eccentric mantle clock, on, of course, an eccentric fireplace mantle, a few door sized oil pictures of pastoral scenes, and a nice flocked wall paper to hide the walls and I’ve got a good start on a writing room. And then a nice Steampunk cover for my laptop or PC, and I’d be ready to crank out the verbiage. After all, if you’re going to dream, might as well dream big.

  2. I love that idea! My book in a haiku … hmm …

    Aliens abduct
    A socially awkward girl
    Awesome things ensue

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