If I Was a Rich (Wo)Man…

This morning I put my book on my Kindle to check the formatting and do one last proofreading (I’m really paranoid about that).

And, oddly, it was terribly exciting–almost as exciting as the first time an agent asked for a partial manuscript from me. But this time there will not be disappointment at the end of my road; there will be, instead, a published book.

And just to go with it, I found a picture of the writing cottage that I want (there’s even room upstairs for a guest room). Now all I need to do is sell a few hundred thousand books and I can put this on some land overlooking the Cliffs of Moher or a lake in Connemara–really, I can’t make up my mind.

A little castle for us to live in. Just enough room for a bedroom, bath, kitchen, and giant library.

(Oh, and I guess I better build a regular house for my husband to live in.)




2 comments on “If I Was a Rich (Wo)Man…

  1. Wallace says:

    Why settle for that writing cottage when you can have this one that Axexander Dumas wrote in:

    • Keri Peardon says:

      It is quite lovely–another of my favorites–but I can’t help but remember that Dumas died penniless. Maybe the rest of the castle grounds were too extensive? All the more reason for Stuart and I have to have a very modest tower house.

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