New Bloodsuckers Image

I’m working my part time job this Fourth of July–working on my writing. I reformatted Volume One of Vampire Lawyers to comply with Smashwords Premium Distribution Catalog (it’s always been available on Smashwords, but because I didn’t format it to their fairly exacting standards, they didn’t send it to any other distribution channels, such as Amazon or Apple).

I also updated my image, since Smashwords has pretty specific image requirements as well. My original image was just something I quickly threw together in Paint, just so I’d have an image. This morning, though, I took my time in Photoshop sprucing it up a bit, so it looks more professional.

When I started the series, I had no idea what I was doing with it or where it was going. Now that there are 21 episodes, and I’m getting ready to release my second volume, I think it’s time to start treating it more professionally.

2 comments on “New Bloodsuckers Image

  1. Wallace says:

    Very good. I like your new Vampire Lawyer image. It looks enough like the original to be easily recognizable, but a little more professional. Do I need to reload vol. 1 to make it compatible with the upcoming vol. 2, or is it fine the way it is?

    It’s free on Smashwords, so I guess vol. 2 will be also, but will it be free on Amazon as well? And will Smashwords upload vol. 1 to Amazon along with vol. 2? Just curious since I look on Amazon far more often for ebooks than anyplace else and giving it away there will give you a lot more free PR than selling it.

    And finally, how many words is VL up to now with all 21 episodes? I would think it would be up around novella size by now. Your chapters are pretty short, but there are a lot of them. Plus you said earlier that you have enough episodes written or planned to finish out the year. At one episode a week, that’s about another 25 or so new episodes, which would bring the total up to about 46 episodes. You’re definitely getting up into Victorian penny dreadful territory there.

    Oh, and I checked, my ebook copy of Varney the Vampire has 96 chapters, but it’s incomplete since the original serialized version had 109 episodes. Something for you to shoot for?

    • Keri Peardon says:

      You won’t need to reload Volume 1, because the only thing I’ve done is update the cover and change the formatting to comply with Smashwords’ standards; other than correcting a typo or two as I looked through it, I didn’t alter the story any.

      I don’t know if Amazon will pick it up from Smashwords or not. Because it’s permanently free, they may not (I can’t publish it on Amazon for free, only offer it for free for a limited time IF they’re the sole distributor). But I’ve read that they do sometimes pick up free stuff from Smashwords, and other retailers do, too. Since it didn’t cost me anything but some time (and I needed the practice formatting, anyways), I thought I’d go ahead and make it distributor-ready. Then, at least, there is the potential that it will appear other places.

      Volume 1 had 16,451 words (not counting the introduction or title page). I haven’t put Volume 2 together yet, but I assume it’s around the same count. So, if I end up releasing 4 volumes, it will be the equivalent of an actual novel. (And one day I may do that: put all of it together, edit it for consistency, and sell it as an actual book.)

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