The Widow

My newest novella, The Widow, is now available on Smashwords. (It will be available at Amazon on or before July 5th. You can find it on my Amazon author page as soon as it is live.)

Carol Headley’s life came to a standstill when a terrorist’s bullet took the life of her husband, Wyatt. Two years later, she’s still in mourning—refusing the demands of her friends and family members to move on with her life.

But when her best friend gives her six weeks of creative writing classes as a birthday gift, Carol can’t say no. And to her surprise, she finds herself enjoying being in the company of other people again—especially the art teacher, Daniel.

A warm, friendly man, Daniel quickly draws Carol out of her shell as they share their creative endeavors, and he eventually convinces her to model for him. As Daniel pours Carol’s sadness into his painting, she begins to find the inspiration to love again.

This is a sweet (meaning no sex) contemporary romance. It’s approximately 15,200 words (about 30 8.5 x 11 pages).

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